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Meat Loaf

I Love Mitt

But Can't Vote for Him

10/27/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Meat Loaf
can sing Mitt Romney's praises all he wants, but he can't vote for him.

The singer -- who moved to Austin earlier this year -- never registered in Texas, according to The Smoking Gun.  And the deadline to sign up, October 9, is over and out.

So Meat Loaf -- who stood side-by-side with Romney Thursday (above) and either butchered or honored "America the Beautiful" depending on your ear -- recently requested an absentee ballot from California, the state he abandoned last year.

According to the CA DMV you must be a resident to vote in CA. We don't know if Mr. Loaf got a ballot, but if he did he shouldn't use it.


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that is so incredibly irresponsible

691 days ago


His vote is meaningless in either state. Texas is so Republican that the result isn't in doubt. Similarly California is so Democrat that a vote for Romney is meaningless there.

691 days ago


Mr. Obama was allowed to vote in his home district after showing his REQUIRED i.d (.can be seen on the video)

691 days ago


Obama Girl never bothered to vote in 2008, and she's not going to this year either...I get tired of celebrities making endorsements and then not voting. (I vote in every single election.) Demi and Ashton pledged to volunteer when Obama suggested that in his inaugural address....wonder if they ever got around to that.

691 days ago


Was a fan...

691 days ago

Paul Z    

Obama is:
-- the man who surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only the radical left and worse
--the man who redistributes (loots) the earnings of the producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who embraces the ideas of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright & Karl Marx.
--the man who refuses to take questions.
--the man who supports Occupation Wall St.
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth into financial collapse.
--the man who speaks of "social justice" but never of freedom.
--the man who hates free market capitalism.
--the man who prevents the development of our oil, coal & nuclear resources.
--the man who rejects the Constitution.
--the man who initiates force against us all by “mandating” his health care scam. A true despot.

He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101.

691 days ago


OBAMA has my VOTE. My Vote is for OBAMA!

691 days ago


At least he's not dead or illegal or a dog, trying to vote, like your pals, Harvey. One vote for Romney incenses you, doesn't it? Get over it.

691 days ago


Let's hope all the republican halfwits forget to vote, or register, or which end of the pencil to use.

691 days ago

Spicy mag    

Meatloaf is the swing vote. If he can't vote, Obama wins.

691 days ago



691 days ago

joe blow    

stay out of politics *******s. who the hell cares what you think. you fall in the category of idiots who are totally uninformed.

691 days ago


Today on FOX news /the one area of the economy that IS ROBUST AND GROWING is GOVERNMENT...Democrats GROW BIG GOVERNMENT ...REPLBLICANS SHRINK GOVENMENT AND encourage small business....DUH.....soooo that means that IF a person votes for SELF INTEREST thinking of their government job secureity...then that makes you a bad citizen...we should vote for what is good the the country.

Off topic but i wonder if our flag is flying over our Benghaze consulate today......

691 days ago


voting for him isn't going to help after your performance anyways you trash, "'Merica is Beautiful!"

691 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

Meatloaf was plastered to forget his deal with the devil.
But as purely evil republicans are, Obama is no saint.
A man of God would not carry on Bush's wars nor fan the flames of war against Iran, nor praise the satanic mindless beasts that is US soldiers. Obama has done all of this.

And a man of principle and conviction would tell us the truth about UFOs or die trying as JFK and RFK did.

691 days ago
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