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Meat Loaf

I Love Mitt

But Can't Vote for Him

10/27/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Meat Loaf
can sing Mitt Romney's praises all he wants, but he can't vote for him.

The singer -- who moved to Austin earlier this year -- never registered in Texas, according to The Smoking Gun.  And the deadline to sign up, October 9, is over and out.

So Meat Loaf -- who stood side-by-side with Romney Thursday (above) and either butchered or honored "America the Beautiful" depending on your ear -- recently requested an absentee ballot from California, the state he abandoned last year.

According to the CA DMV you must be a resident to vote in CA. We don't know if Mr. Loaf got a ballot, but if he did he shouldn't use it.


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So MeaT LoaF Can NOT Vote For MeaT RomNerd..............Good!

692 days ago

BB not bb    

I think Romney would be a president to match the caucauphony that Meatloaf's rendition of America The Beautiful sounded like. It is probably a blessing in disguise that he can't vote for Romney due to the blood guilt for voting for an evil man. Obama is probably even more evil, but no one ever votes for third party candidates or even knows who they are.

I think voting is basically cursing yourself any more because the choices are always the lesser of two evils and not a good leader. It is like you are asking for the trouble you get and asking for the guilt of what they do to other nations. I am sick of the behavior of the two parties any more.

I think writing your representatives with what you want to see done has more positive influence than what two party stooge you vote in. If you let them take the reins, you end up be driven into the ground.

692 days ago


Typical TMZ. Always 1/2 the truth......Meatloaf can have a second home in Texas but if he still OWNS property in California and still considers it his primary residence he can still vote absentee. We all just saw President Obama vote early in Illinois but he has lived in Washington exclusively since 2008. Sean Penn has spent most of the last few years in Haiti but I am sure he will vote Obama on a California ballot. Woody Harrelson spends most of his time in Costa Rica but also has a home in California he uses for California business. Ton more examples but you get the drift. You should never believe TMZ as 100% factual.

692 days ago


Wow, that's gonna suck. You have an American citizen, that can't vote because he'll need an ID. I guess the Obama administration won't have a problem with this one. But God knows. Don't ask an illegal alien to show ID. That would be suppression:/

692 days ago


The look on Mitt's face was priceless. Oh man, this was too funny!

692 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

3. Meathead is an emotional idiot....talentless, worthless POS..........just like Herve "I'm Gay" Levin - the squinting gay dwarf

692 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I felt bad for Romney on this one. It's bad enough that Clint Eastwood did the empty chair thing. Now Clint Eastwood is Dirty Harry in a commercial endorsing the Governor. Then in a stroke of sheer brilliance they throw Meat Loaf into the mix. Governor Romney would have done well to fire all of his advisors and find a few who lived in the real world. He is getting advice for zhit.

692 days ago

Duke Steele And this is why you call yourself cocoapuff. because you can't see... no, refuse to see what he is doing to this country. Grow up.

692 days ago


Romney looks like such a DUMBASS...standing there and waving his arm with a big STUPID smile on his face. I bet he has a little dick.

692 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

If Meat Loaf was trying to look and act like Chris Farley, he succeeded.
Phishie from Philly

692 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Obama doesn't have what it takes to get this country on its feet again. He's too busy trying to shift money from everyone who makes over a certain amount to those who don't make anything or who make very little via entitlement programs mainly. This philosophy does not grow an economy! I voted for him last time, but not this time.

692 days ago


In a way I hope Mitt wins. We haven't seen a colossal ****up like is coming with his administration. I for one would like to watch it and laugh at the morons who voted for him.

692 days ago


Meatloaf is dry, bland and tasteless. But then, so is Mitt.

692 days ago


Depending on your ear? The only way you could think that steaming pile of crap was good is if you had no ears

692 days ago

Christopher London    

MEAT LOAF ENDORSEMENT OF ROMNEY: Michael Lee Aday (AKA, "Meat Loaf") made one good album with the highlight of his film career coming in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Truth is that he has been a truly mediocre garbage artist ever since. You can always tell when a Presidential candidate has absolutely no soul or meaningful connection with the creative under current and spirit of a nation. He trots out has beens, pseudo celebs and drunken old white man as a sign of his creativity and spirit being in alignment with the soul of the nation. Trotting out Meat Loaf in 1978 might have been a brilliant move but in 2012 it just seems bizarre. Meat Loaf is hardly an artist that resonates as a social commentator of the times. It is not like Romney could trot out Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Billy Joel or even Bon Jovi, at least Jon Bon Jovi would know that we are "half way there". I can only wonder: What is next for Mitt Romney? Will Peter Lemongello come out and endorse his pasty white tuchis also? The bottom line is that this is the final year where the 'Angry White Man' has the power to dictate the outcome of an election, and the irony is that it comes in what many have called the "year of the woman."

692 days ago
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