SueLyn Medeiros Free to Roam L.A. Without Being Arrested

10/28/2012 6:25 AM PDT

Super hot model SueLyn Medeiros might be wanted by every man in America, but she's no longer wanted by the L.A. county courts ... because the bench warrant for her arrest has been recalled.

As TMZ first reported, SueLyn failed to show up to court on August 17, where she was supposed to prove she had completed her alcohol education program stemming from her 2011 DUI arrest. Due to the no-show, a judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

SueLyn's lawyer dropped by the court on Friday and presented paperwork proving she'd completed the program and the judge recalled the warrant.

BUUUUT she isn't off the hook completely -- she's still on probation and has to complete 10 AA classes. The judge gave her until December 24 to do so ... or else.

Calls to SueLyn have not been returned.