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Sam Lutfi

Brit's Ex-Nanny Is a LIAR

Meth WAS in Brit's House

10/29/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears
' ex-nanny -- who called BS on Sam Lutfi's accusation the singer hid crystal meth in her house -- is a liar and a fraud ... so says Sam Lutfi.

Sam is telling friends, there's no way Brit's ex-nanny Leah Frand could have known that the singer had crystal meth in the house ... because she was fired after only one week.

Sam's claims contradict what Leah told us last week ... that she worked for Britney for 6 months back in 2007 -- during the crazy meltdown period -- and never once saw any trace of drugs.

But Sam's saying that's not true -- telling friends Leah was quickly canned for stealing one of Britney's dresses (which she later returned) ... so her opinion counts for exactly zero.

According to sources, Sam also wants to clarify one thing -- he never said Britney did crystal meth, only that he found a stash of crystal meth in her house.

As for the Adderall accusations, Sam's saying Britney fueled herself -- taking WAY more than the recommended dosage of her (legal) Adderall prescription.


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Bob Dole    

Does this chick look like she might have a little meth problem of her own?

694 days ago


How does one identify crystal meth anyway, IF he supposedly found it? Seems he'd know what it is. He probably supplied it.

694 days ago


The Judge will throw this case out the door...he is a nobody who wants to grab some money from the family..but her parents will not let it happen...

694 days ago


What does the meth have to do with anything? How is this supposed to help this pathetic man's lawsuit?

694 days ago

Bob Dole    

Does this chick look like she might have a little meth habit of her own?

694 days ago


Is this a very very old story or am I missing something by the time it crosses the ocean ?

Everyday I'd like to shave my hair but I don't do meth

694 days ago


The more I read TMZ the better I feel with my life, how can kids aspire to be famous, cause they are kids I guess.

694 days ago


Backtracking 101. What amazes me is that TMZ is paying Lutfi for his BS. I guess it's a slow day in the real celeb world.

694 days ago


Soooooooooooo now he's saying the Nanny had no idea bc she was fired.... yet HE brought her into this by starting it saying she witnessed it?!?! Secondly, if this chick was fired after a week... WHY would she defend her former employer?! RIGHT SAM!! STFU! Whatever happened back than is DONE now.....get a ****** LIFE!

694 days ago


If it was a woman outting a man on this bull****, you guys would be eating it up. But because its little blonde Britney, it's all "poor her" "Lutfi's a douche" "Lutfi took advantage of her". You just love when women make tell-alls, but the minute a man does it he recieved all of this backlash. Please. The double standards are ridiculous.

694 days ago


Lufti is trash, but the nanny IS lying. We knew Brit was into meth at the time of the head shaving and SUV smacking.

694 days ago


your grasping at straws pal, you DID accuse her of doing meth - YOU said thats why she shaved her head. Get ****ed you loser

694 days ago


like we are just supposed to believe this bottom feeding hanger on who claims he was a manager when he never even managed a performer before!

694 days ago


Britney has come such a long way. Can't believe this case was even allowed in court.

694 days ago


God, please.
Just because Sam Lutfi was around her at the time doesn't mean he is the one to blame for all the crazy shi*t Britney was going through. After all, if he has a case, he is within his rights to go the court and fight for what he deserves. Don't forget, the former nanny's testimony is about to come and I'm not talking about LF, I'm talking about the one, who's legally involved in the suit. And here's my question again, MAYBE some of you will be finally able to answer this, since all fans seem to put a blind eye on the matter: Why is it so, that BS is "mentally capable" of touring around the world, determining other people's careers by judging their skills on XFactor, and when it comes to less pleasant things like taking a stand in the court, her people make the most of themselves to keep her away from legal issues and talk about her "not being mentally capable?" That just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! So IS she or IS SHE NOT? Why is she still under conservatorship? If she is doing THAT fine, if she's really OVER it, as so many of you claim why does she still need care, why does she still need to be wrapped in a cotton wool by her team and her parents? Doesn't seem fishy to you? I think they're hiding something.

694 days ago
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