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Kelsey Grammer's Baby


at Playboy Mansion Party

10/30/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's Baby at the Playboy mansion

Kelsey Grammer's 3-month-old daughter was surrounded by hot chicks, booze ... and velvet ... at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party -- and TMZ has the pic to prove it.

We broke the story ... Kelsey brought baby Faith to the annual bash this weekend ... where she slept in her tiny car seat well past midnight while music BLARED and drunk people stumbled by.

In the pic, obtained by TMZ ... Faith is being monitored by an unknown hot chick -- who appears to be drinking -- with some empty and half-empty cups right next to the baby. It's unclear if the woman is by herself or with other people.

A source close to Kelsey tells us ... the actor doesn't feel he did anything wrong ... insisting Faith was safely cared for during the party and was never in harm's way.

So, we gotta ask ...



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Terrible idea. I do not have kid's so I'm not some uptight mother-hen type but this is absolute garbage on his part. A PB party in which probably not a single person was sober? Not cool. Not to mention depending on how close baby was to the music (although it appears she is far enough away that she was able to sleep) the decibel levels at such a party could have given her hearing loss. Although I think the fact that daddy took off to party while baby didn't have sober supervision bothers me most. I hate it when people show up to adult parties with children. What the hell is wrong with your stupid a**? I can't think of anything more irresponsible than adults taking small children/babies out late at night to 'adult' places...Newsflash: you look like degenerate trash when you do that.

721 days ago


bottom line.... this is NOT putting the baby first and kelsey has outed himself as a moron

721 days ago

furious cupcakes    

If you are a 3 month old baby and you're at the the playboy mansion and your dad is Kelsey Grammar than you have an awesome life. People all over the world are abusing, hurting, raping, feeding toxic Monsanto foods to their kids, or just abandon them all together. relax

721 days ago


What a PIG! Where's his new wife? He's acting like a little kid and if he misses the party he feels like he's really missing out so badly that he exposed his infant to a huge adult drinking, drugs, music blaring, naked, cigarette smoke party?!? Are you frikkin kidding me? Wow

721 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

This is wrong on so many levels, including the cheap ass bracelets on that woman's left wrist and the hideous nail colors, but I digress. Aside from the obvious child neglect/abuse in this picture am I seeing disposable plastic drink glasses like some cheap neighborhood dive bar?

721 days ago


still thinking with 'lil Kelsey' instead of making the baby a priority. good case for condom use, this creep is too old and too self-centered to have a new baby...ugh

721 days ago


Classic Republican Parenting.

721 days ago


This old fart is a dumb ass!!

721 days ago


What a idiot Kelsy your such a dumb MF why do such stupid **** you idiot that baby belongs at home in her crib not around all these whores and a ss holes.

721 days ago


How could this possibly be a good idea and that fact that he sees nothing wrong with this just continues shows how horrible a parent he is.

721 days ago


Before you condemn the Grammers keep in mind this baby is only 3 months old and could be still nursing. I can't say I would have brought the baby to the playboy mansion but most likely this child slept through everything except for when the baby needed to feed or have a diaper change.

721 days ago


what a dumb ass and he feels like he did nothing wrong that just shows right there hes not ready to be a dad, partying and drinking comes first before the safety of his kid

721 days ago


That guy is a moron.

721 days ago


Drunk old adulterer tool takes poor baby unfortunate enough to be his child to Playboy Mansion.

I can't imagine anyone having sex with it, let alone marrying it. Stupid women.

721 days ago


where was the baby's Mother?

721 days ago
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