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Kelsey Grammer's Baby


at Playboy Mansion Party

10/30/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's Baby at the Playboy mansion

Kelsey Grammer's 3-month-old daughter was surrounded by hot chicks, booze ... and velvet ... at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party -- and TMZ has the pic to prove it.

We broke the story ... Kelsey brought baby Faith to the annual bash this weekend ... where she slept in her tiny car seat well past midnight while music BLARED and drunk people stumbled by.

In the pic, obtained by TMZ ... Faith is being monitored by an unknown hot chick -- who appears to be drinking -- with some empty and half-empty cups right next to the baby. It's unclear if the woman is by herself or with other people.

A source close to Kelsey tells us ... the actor doesn't feel he did anything wrong ... insisting Faith was safely cared for during the party and was never in harm's way.

So, we gotta ask ...



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Mmmm, wonder if TMZ will do the right thing and notify Child Protective Services (particularly, after those lamebrain excuses by Grammer), or will TMZ ignore it, and just sell their stories?

661 days ago


If this was James caan's kid I'd understand, but anyone else...nope

661 days ago


He couldn't afford a sitter?? Didn't Hef provide daycare?? LOL

661 days ago


If you don't have a baby sitter, then you don't go. What a concept.

661 days ago


The baby is not in a separate room with her ears covered as he says...she is dumped on a chair next to his lady's purse and other people partying! He btw, had drink in hand (he's a recovering alcoholic so he says. Also Kayte was drinking as seen in the video floating around. But he says she needed to breastfeed. Right. He is a douche!

661 days ago


How about you stay HOME??? If you can't find a sitter, you DON'T go out!! What is wrong with some people. Where are the priorities these days. No sense of responsibility or putting others (INFANTS) ahead of your own WANTS. Geez.

661 days ago


Bringing a baby into this envionrment is a horrible idea. You say you couldn't find a sitter? Well then you stay home and spend family time TOGETHER. Besides, there's already one old prune there who refuses to grow up. You want a family? BE A FAMILY MAN!

661 days ago


Can NOT imagine exposing a tiny baby to smoke from cigs.....pipes....bongs......etc. Fumes from all of the music....drunk reckless people....people spreading their filthy germs.Kelsey is a loser. Just stay home or maybe the dumb "wife" could have stayed at home with her baby and Kelsey could have gone to the party for an hour or two to satisfy his gargantuan need to be considered youthful and part of the "in crowd" What a useless old windbag he has turned out to be:) WHO does that? Brings an infant to an adults only party let alone @the Playboy Mansion?Creeeeeppppppyyyy!

661 days ago


Hi have attend Mansion Parties for close to 10 years... trust me.. there isn't a corner that doesn't have LOUD music and packed with people. Most people are stumbling by the parties end... and yes there is smoke everywhere. BTW anyone remember the severe illness people caught at the mansion a few years ago because of contaminated smoke machine water? Oddly enough Hef himself won't let his own PETS into the party because he feels it isn't safe for them... (2 years ago a drunk guest picked up a rabbit and dropped it.. broke its back.) Fact is a 3 month old child has no business being in a place with literally 1000 drunk people... think of it as bringing a child to a RAVE. Stupid... he is lucky nothing did happen. The point of parenting is to keep your child out of harms way not put them in the center.

660 days ago


I think he is a little off center. This is child abuse. He was upset about not being nominated for an Emmy. If he would have kept his political views to himself, he may have been nominated. These celebs should keep their political views to themselves.

660 days ago


Like OMG the baby was at a party and people were like drinking. OMG OMG like loud music like OMG. The baby like probably saw like bare breasts like OMG. This baby is like scarred for life OMG.

660 days ago

Randy Scouse Git    

Kelsey is still in the running for the biggest loser in show business. Not even a person with a low IQ would bring a baby to a Playboy party. It sickens me he would name a baby Faith when he clearly doesn't believe in God's word. May he rot in hell.

660 days ago


Will he's 73 years old, Faith will be learning to drive?

660 days ago


Are you FREAKIN SERIOUS? the mansion is well known for out of control sex & booze or Boobs which ever fits. Kelsey won't talk publically about his ex-wife he cheated on ( thus how the baby came about) But he will take his newborn to the Playboy mansion to party? Hey, CPS... you got a case to check into.

659 days ago
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