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10/30/2012 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner is on the hunt to find the lying scumbag who called in a FALSE report to authorities that her kids, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are living in danger ... TMZ has learned. 

As we previously reported, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services launched an investigation into the K-family last week after receiving a tip from an anonymous caller.

The tip was determined to be bogus ... and we're told Kris believes the culprit is a tabloid reporter who was trying to make up a story.

Now, a rep for the Kardashian family tells TMZ the accusations are nothing short of "ridiculous" ... adding, "It's such a shame that anyone can make up such hurtful and hideous untruths especially when children are involved."

The rep continues, "We are taking this matter very seriously and investigating to find out who is responsible for fabricating such a terrible story and will take the necessary legal action so that this does not happen again."


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Here in Virginia, any reports made to CPS is kept confidential. Even those who call are not asked who they are or an address so for KK to say they are investigating...if California has those same laws...good luck finding who reported it.

731 days ago


Ironic how this famewhore refers to her daughters as "children" when all she does is pimp them out to the highest bidder. She does not treat her daughters as "children" so why should anyone else? They are money-makers for this biatch. SHE is turning her "children into trashy, slut, whores just like the rest of them.

731 days ago

Trooper Tom    

You stupid old bat this what you are all about publicity at any cost for any reason, media whoring at its best

731 days ago

Mr. G    

Those hands and fingers of hers look like they came off the crypt keeper. Too bad there is not plastic surgery for that.

731 days ago

Capt Dave    

WHO REALLT GIVES A SH..! The Madame of a house full of SLUTZS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

731 days ago


It wasn;t a lie lol Look at what she has done for the first three she had, She made them into fame whores , Kim is a whore, the other one is poping out illegitmate kids left and right and having her boyfriend stick his hands up her butt and taking pictures. Kim is a porn queen and marriage queen for money. Her other 2 girls by Jenner are in danger but it is too late. They are quiting school to strut their stuff. DId she ever have that test done to see who the hell her kids father is? It sure isn;t a Kardashian. She is a terrible mother who pimps out her kids and they should be removed from the whorehouse. They legally cannot find out who turned her in and if they do they will be breaking laws and and hope they do jail time. Bruce needs to wake up and smell the rot in his home and take his kids and leave.

731 days ago


You can visit Dr. Frankenstein all you want for that knifed up face but you're age shows in your creepy hands and elbows. I bet 1.33 million dollars that the person who made that call was you. You'll do anything to stay in the media and relevant even when a major storm is the top headliner in the news.

731 days ago


Pimpmom really looks upset in the accompanying pic. She is completely vapid, disgusting and likely the mosted hated woman(?) in America. When the judge finds that kim committed fraud in her sham marriage, maybe TMZ will finally dump this disgusting gypsy family.

731 days ago

Oval Beach    

CHILDREN!!! Those moneymakers/prostitutes are NOT children. The only thing they have going for them is a mother who is one HELL of a pimp and the fact that they are not Kardashian(Armenian) but Jenner (like that is a step up) but at least they are less likely to grow hair in places where women prefer it not be found.

731 days ago


Mama Kardashian is outraged?! why? Did someone spell her name wrong?????

731 days ago



731 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Bruce Jenner must be a miserable SOB living with this crap.

731 days ago

FM King    

The more you vehemently deny something...the more you lend credence to it! Just let it go. If it's deemed to be a hoax...let it die. Be more intelligent that this idiot. Try hard!

731 days ago


What a sad world, when these types of people(the K.s) are so richly rewarded for their lives of debauchery! The iniquity of it all!

731 days ago


I like to think she wouldnt lower yourself to do call in such a thing but omg those girls are grown.... Why are they even considering going to there house .....They need to focus on the younger children who cant say for themselve they are in a bad home life....This is the lowest of the low I have ever heard of much less get an government business involved .....dang ppl live that boring for you?"

731 days ago
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