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Lance Armstrong



10/30/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since he was banned from pro cycling for LIFE, a sponsorless, titleless, cancerless Lance Armstrong was seen on his bike this week ... training ... just for the hell of it.

TMZ has obtained photographs of Armstrong in Waikoloa Village, HI yesterday -- riding his bicycle on a local highway with another rider.

Sources tell TMZ, Armstrong has been hanging around the Hawaiian town for the last week -- riding his bicycle, swimming at the local public pool, and visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

In the photos, Armstrong is wearing a Livestrong jersey, despite stepping down as chairman from the foundation earlier this month in the wake of his doping scandal.

He's also wearing a helmet made by Giro -- one of the sponsors that kicked Lance to the curb this month.

As for the bike, Lance's rep tells us Armstrong has traded out his iconic Trek for a Crumpton -- "a local bike maker from Austin, TX."

Lance's rep also says, "[Armstrong] will continue to stay active and try to be the fittest 40 year old out there (he's now 41)."


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frankie knockout    

that cancer was probabaly fake to!

724 days ago


Honestly, I don't see what's the big deal about him taking steroids. I was just watching a special about it on NBC, and they stated that it came out that two/three other people that were racing against him, in one of the races, were taking steroids too ( those were the only ones that were caught). If they were all taking steroids, and Lance STILL won, then there is some talent that exists beyond them. Aside from that, it was well known that nearly all of these endurance athletes take or have taken some steroid. It's the norm for them, and from seeing that it has taken so many years for Lance to be outed, can you imagine how many others are doing it. I simply believe they have yet to be caught, and the people around them have little to gain as they are not as "Big" as Lance is. Btw: The women that outed the uh are the hugest crocks of ****, talking about "I couldn't lie. I have morals" Child please, you heard how much money you could make from the book, interviews, etc.
Another side note: I, in no way, give a crap about cycling, but the hate this guy is recieving over something that damn near every one of those cyclists do, is ridiculous.

724 days ago


Wonder how much private income he's made after all, thanks to his sustained cheating. A hundred million dollars wouldn't be too far off the mark, would it? Accumulated? Probably more.

724 days ago


Don't get off again!!! In our eyes you're still the MAN!!!Stay STRONG!!!

724 days ago

Larry Fyne    

What...Armstrong hasn't been banned from even getting on a bicycle? My goodness...that'll be the next suit.

723 days ago


Who cares!!

723 days ago


Hopefully he stays in HI. Austin does not want you, loser. And just so you know, quite a few of your beloved FB friends that cheer you publicly, talk trash when you're not around. They just don't want to be d-listed from your parties. Let's face it, though. Not too sure the same quality of hoes will be in attendance from now on.

723 days ago


Wonder what brand of bike he rides now that Trek has dropped him. TMZ followup??

723 days ago


The facts are the greatest cyclist of all time did what he had to to win ! lets be honest here he did what the majority of all the top athletes worth mentioning have and continue to do everyday to compete
Lance won and the haters didn't like it he is and always be the best
Even the losing haters that pointed the finger have admitted to taking the same drugs and still lost what does that tell you

723 days ago


I wonder if its as much fur when you are doing it for free

723 days ago

buzz kill    

What a fraud! Time to lose that dorky, gay helmet and bike and trade up to a SUV like real men to get around. That bycicle act is dead.

723 days ago


Two words, it's over. You have single handedly turned Cycling into the Wide World of fake Wrestling.

723 days ago

Ace Jorkel    

This guys so arrogant and he's washed up anyway. Nobody gives a gall about this guy anymore. Doesn't he get it that nobody cares about Lance Armstrong? I guess it goes to show how this guys ego always gets the best of him, idiot!

723 days ago


Lance who?

723 days ago


What shoes was he wearing?

723 days ago
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