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Octomom's Babysitters


When She's Gone

10/30/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people taking care of Octomom's kids while she's in rehab couldn't be happier the mom of 14 is out of their hair -- in fact, one of the children's caretakers tells TMZ, it's WAY easier to do their jobs now that Octo's gone.

Octo has 3 nannies and 2 friends helping her with the kids while she seeks treatment -- and one nanny tells TMZ,  Octo's been calling twice a day from rehab, giving specific directions about how to care for each child.

The nanny says it's been helpful to hear from her, but it's a MILLION times easier to actually take care of the kids when she's not in the house constantly barking orders.

The nanny tells us, the house is much, much calmer than normal now that Octo's gone -- and the kids are in great spirits, behaving like angels.

It's a far cry from the photos we posted in April that resulted in a child services investigation against Octo -- real name Nadya Suleman -- showing the kids pooping outside and crazy graffiti.

The nanny says Octo will get to visit the children for the first time on Saturday and she's really excited. "She's been crying a lot," the nanny tells us.

As we reported, Octo entered a 30-day treatment program over the weekend for her Xanax dependency.


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whenever she's on camera with her kids, you do not get a nuturing or calming vibe, rush, r ush, rush. she made going down a slide look like punishment for her kids, and kids pick up on that, so hopefully she can get composed

669 days ago


No, tell me it ain't so... She can't handle 14 KIDSssss ??? Would never have guessed That.

669 days ago


the sooner they remove those kids from her custody- ALL OF THEM- the better off they will all be.
and make sure they tie her tubes too!!!!!

669 days ago


Someone will have to make a very strong case to me that these kids wouldn't be better off being put up for adoption as opposed to living with this loser. By the way, I'd like to know who is paying for all of these "nannies". If it's the state or federal government, I would strenuously object to taxpayer money being spent this way.

669 days ago


More proof these children are better off without her! She pops out 14 children with no means of supporting them and then "barks orders" at those who are helping her. These children should be removed!

669 days ago


If actually caring for these children doesn't agree with her, perhaps Nadya Suleman should seriously consider putting them up for adoption. In all honesty, children aren't suppose to be "PAYING THEIR OWN WAY", it's up to their parents to care for them until they become old enough to take care of themselves. Nadya Suleman has received the aid of several "LIFE COACHES" to assist her with parenting her somewhat large family which is a "HELL OF A LOT MORE" than the average person receives. I say "WOMAN UP" and become the "BEST PARENT" possible or "LET THEM GO"!!! At some point, the "MEDIA CIRCUS" has to "CEASE" in order to properly raise these children!!!

669 days ago


If I were her with all those kids id be in rehab also,but for a more powerful drug than

669 days ago


I call B.S. just like everyone else. Who the hell calls up a gossip site to come take pictures of them on their way to rehab. Just like everyone else stated, it's a PR stunt. Next up, she'll be all over the tube again once rehab is finished spewing her jibberish again. What I would like to know, how the hell did the nannies NOT KNOW she was on drugs, they should've called CPS right away on her ass. This story stinks to high heaven, yet again.

669 days ago


I hope that her fertility Doctor got a big fat prescription of time behind bars and disbared from medical practice at the same time.

669 days ago


It is always easier to babysit kids when the parents are gone Ask any grandparent or nanny.

669 days ago


I used to not think much of Nadia, but it does seem that she is trying her best to take care of her children and admitting she has a problem and getting help when she knows it will be very public shows she is trying her best.

669 days ago


Violate NDA agreement much? Like Trump said you're fired! Next Octo story for sure. just what OctoWoman needs - the help selling out to the media. Better with me gone? what?!

669 days ago


Fire that nanny for making that statement while she's employed. What a jerk.

669 days ago


xanax is a drug for sleeping problems and a dr. can put you on hydroxzine which is not as strong but it will help you sleep and help get off xanax, she must have been abusing her xanax so she wouldn't have to deal with her kidz

669 days ago


YOUR ALL HATERS! SHe's a MESS and god help those all this blog **** should b about!

669 days ago
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