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Dina Lohan's Neighborhood


By Hurricane Sandy

10/31/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karma's a windy, rainy bitch -- just two days after Lindsay Lohan tweeted a message minimizing Hurricane Sandy ... the tropical storm ripped through her mother's Long Island neighborhood, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

TMZ has obtained a photo of the havoc Sandy wreaked on Dina's NY neighborhood Tuesday -- showing freakin' BOATS the storm dumped on people's lawns.

It's pretty ironic, considering Lindsay's tweet on Sunday about Hurricane "Sally" -- when she wrote, "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity!"

Turns out people were panicking for a reason -- in fact, Dina tells TMZ, a tree was uprooted on her own property and ripped a gash through her roof on its way down ... before landing over the family pool.

Dina says she was at home with her kids Cody and Ali when the storm hit. Lindsay and Michael Jr. were stranded in Manhattan because of bridge and tunnel closures, but are expected home shortly.

Thankfully, everyone is okay. The lesson: don't mess with Mother Nature.


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I see some boats in yards and some branches and twigs on a pool. I don't see a gash in the roof. A mess does not a "ravage" make. But I'll reserve judgement until tmz posts the pictures of the neighborhood itself. I'm sure when Dina sent one of her kiddies (Hobie or Ghostly) out to take the pictures to sell to tmz, they also included their neighbors' property, showing their concern and compassion for them. If not, it would just be selfish at a time like...oh wait, it's the Lohans. Well, I hope the owners of the boats can claim them before Dina puts them up for sale. Oh, and Dina, Blo may be a bit late if she runs across any open clubs on the way home.

724 days ago

Coal Mango    

You have got to be kidding me, TMZ! Poor Lohans - stranded in NYC and damage to their house. Really? I understand you are a paparazzi site but on certain occasions and cir***stances you should probably chose your reports more intelligently. Go to hell, you idiots.

724 days ago

Red Cloud    

Damn, haters sure are weird!!!! You know that Dina Lohan is lying because Nikki lives in the neighborhod and says she's lying, so she's lying. There now, who can argue with that?????

And let me try to explain to haters what Lindsay meant by her tweet. I don't really expect to get through to your cement heads, but I have a few minutes, so WTF. Notice that Lindsay retweeted the Red Cross link BEFORE the don't panic tweet. This means she fully understood the seriousness and danger of the hurricane and advised people to be extremely careful. Her don't panic tweet was poorly worded. But she is telling people to be cool and don't panic more than necessary. This is good advice. She is NOT saying people should not take precautions. Did any other celebrity retweet the Red Cross link???? Some celebrities were actually joking about the storm. Some news people like the two goobers on that ABC clip who bashed Lindsay because they stupidly misunderstood the meaning of Lindsay's tweet were joking and laughing about the hurricane a few seconds later. WTF is that??? Get a grip haters.

American Red Cross ‏@RedCross
Many schools&offices staying closed Mon. Take time tonight to review your emergency plan w/family: #Sandy

Retweeted by Lindsay Lohan
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724 days ago


Gotta love that Lindsay may be stranded. I assume she didn't stock up on drugs and booze, since she thought the storm was no big deal. Enjoy those withdrawals sweetcheeks!

724 days ago


Sorry that she and LiLo weren't home

724 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

According to Lindsay's friend's twitter, they are partying with "Five Star Refugees" and getting ready to go out.
@douchie family

724 days ago


Poor little Red Cloudy Boo Boo. After a hard night of spewing delusions and faux brain cells out of his cesspool feather socket, he needs to go to sleep - right after his 400lb boyfriend mashes a banana up his puckered ass.
Poor little thing. Pretending he’s intelligent is exhausting for his little hamster brain.

724 days ago


There is not one redeeming bone in Lindsay's body. Too bad hurricane "Sally" didn't take the whole damn family down to the bottom of the ocean. Strike that, I'm against environmental pollution.

724 days ago


It's not a hurricane, genius.

724 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Isn't there anyone in NY you could write about whose life actually means something to anyone reading a story about the storm? But no, Dina Lohan probably sent Harvey these pictures herself and he ran into the office to get it up on TMZ right away.

724 days ago


Why wont they just leave this family alone

724 days ago


Hey dipzhit- it's the FAMILY themselves running to TMZ with all these "exclusives". Why not go to Wal-Mart and buy yourself a clue. (And while you're there say hi to Marvin the Greeter.)

724 days ago


Lindsay send more $$$$ now!

724 days ago


How nice to see that DUIna took the time away from her morning ccoktails to drive around town and take pictures and exploit her neighbor's misfortunes for a quick buck. While also giving Liho & Mikey Jr alibi's that they weren't in town when all that "extra" damage happened after the storm and to give time to remove items from the house, to collect the insurance.......This will be their greatest grift to date!!!

724 days ago


Too bad that human turd wasnt in it.

724 days ago
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