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John Mayer

RIPPED By Shooter Jennings

You're a Total 'Douche'

10/31/2012 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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John Mayer is a douchebag ... in fact, he's "King Douche" ... this according to country music bigshot Shooter Jennings -- the son of country legend Waylon Jennings.

Shooter -- a powerful country music DJ -- just went after Mayer on Twitter ... saying, "I love how the 'neil young of our generation' self-naming king douche grows his hair out + buys a place in Montana just to do [Rolling Stone] article."

Shooter continues, "Claims he's 'done w hollywood game' and has 'roots' and then immediately cuts hair, goes back to hollywood clubs + starts banging Katy Perry."

The attack continues ... "And don't anybody say he's a great guitar player. Gary Clark Jr & [Lukas Nelson] wipes their asses with this dude."

It's unclear if Shooter has any personal beef with Mayer ... or if he just felt like unloading for the hell of it.


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At least Shooter's mom, Jessie, was a one-hit wonder.
Quick! Name one song by Shooter!

689 days ago


Little jealous there

689 days ago


I think John Mayer prolly stinks worse than Shooter Jennings what with his scat fetish. GROSSSSSS. Oh and if I saw that 'guitar o face' hovering over me, I'l probably puke in my own mouth. He's a douchebag for sure, and now we know Katie Perry is also into scat. I wonder what her bible thumpin parents think of that ****? (no pun intended)

689 days ago


Shooter Jennings? I'm not a big John Mayer fan, but it sounds like the the Douche is this Shooter dude. You say he's a powerful DJ, but he doesn't mean squat to me, and I'm going to guess he means less than squat to John Mayer.

689 days ago


If what JM did is true, then good for someone calling him out. Still not sure where it came from but JM apparently did something to piss Shooter off.

689 days ago


I'd rather listen to Mayer's music before I'd listen to that Country crap (people in cowboy costumes singing whiny music about love problems) that Jennings plays. I'm not a fan of Mayer's music but I do think he plays a mean blues guitar and has played with many guitar legends, including Buddy Guy. Jennings is just being a sour dick, probably stemming from Mayer's guitar abilities.

689 days ago


We get it Shooter. He looks gorgeous with short AND long hair. Sweetheart, we feel your rage and your pain but as you point out, he's with Katy right now so you'll just have to wait your turn.

689 days ago


I highly doubt that Mayer cares that anyone thinks he's a douche-bag. He's successful, gets play music for a living, and gets to bang attractive women. I'm pretty sure being viewed as p***yhound is a badge of honor for him. I don't think he's complaining too much these days. Shooter's gonna have to try harder than that if he wants to hurt John's feelings.

689 days ago


this dude would be the man if we went back in time about 1000 years..seriously, he's a total troglodyte and he's trying to come down on mayer???

689 days ago


The only reason you're a "celebrity" is because of your father. Get over yourself, dude!

689 days ago


Neil Young of who's generation? That's a magna stretch but considering how bad the music scene is nowadays a dolphin could claim that moniker.

689 days ago


White people are so corny lol. How can you go on about 2 men being "douche bags?" that's gay as hell and lame to say the least. I remember hearing Cordelia from the bad girls club say it like 5 years ago lmao

689 days ago


He's probably not wrong, but am I the only one who can smell his funk through the screen? Wow he looks foul.

689 days ago


Can't wait until Scooter Jennings concert front row and backstage passes said NO ONE EVER.

689 days ago


Can't wait until Scooter Jennings concert front row and backstage passes said NO ONE EVER.

689 days ago
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