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Lights Up Cig ...


10/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

1031_psy_smoking_SplashKorean invisible horse rider Psy was too busy checking how many minutes of fame he had left to notice that he lit up a cigarette right next to a No Smoking sign in Toronto on Tuesday.

In his defense, who has time to follow the rules when you're squeezing the very last drops out of that "Gangnam Style" song?

Eh sexy lady.


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Rude much?

Hilarious how you guys had him at your place, and now you're bagging on him. Suck a nut TMZ

720 days ago


Give the guy a break.

He has released 7 albums, won the South Korean equivalent of a Grammies a few times, sold tons of records in Asia, and did a 2 year stint in the SK military.
Sure, he might be focusing on going international now, but he's hardly a one-hit wonder. That'd be like dissing Bobby Mcferrin.

720 days ago

Araceli Gonzalez    

not cool! Psy is an amazing artist. He was not looking for the fame he received but once he did receive it, he went with the flow. Quit hating and respect the artist, he is not just someone who made a popular song. He has had many successful songs and CD's. Maybe not to the magnitude of Gangnam Style but her is still successful. TMZ needs to learn to stop being a hater and accept things for what they are! You go Psy OPPA!!!!! :)

720 days ago


Wtf TMZ? You just interviewed Psy not to long ago and now you blurt out dumb **** like this? He was incredibly famous in SK long ago and Gangnam Style has just spread his popularity to the US. And even if we get tired of him he will still continue to be famous in SK and will release another viral single someday. Not that Gangnam Style will ever die anyways so uh **** you TMZ. **** you.

719 days ago


There is very little chance this photo was taken in Toronto since Canada switched to metric (i.e. not "feet") decades ago.

719 days ago


This is Korea saying Lady Gaga is only a 1 hit wonder, 15 minute famer. Just because his song became a hit here in the West doesn't mean his isn't already popular. It'd be a different story if he was from America and this is his first hit here. However, since he's the Techno Korean version of Michael Jackson, it's not the case. Even Simon Cowell called the man a genius and he is! Why not milk the US and Canada as much as possible with this song? Besides, on any show I've ever seen him, he always seems very humble and nice and even knows a decent amount of English. Love this guy!

719 days ago


Am I the only one who wants to know what phone he's using?

719 days ago


That's so unfair to Psy to just disregard him as a one-hit wonder trying to suck up all of his fleeing fame. I've been living in South Korea for the past 2 years now, and he's been super famous here for years. He's a legitimate star, even though he hasn't been popular in the English-speaking world.

Also, in Korea you're allowed to smoke pretty much anywhere, so he probably isn't used to the strict anti-smoking laws that they have in western countries.

718 days ago


Who cares? It's his life? He can do whatever he wants with it. Sure, we'll all be sad if he dies. But stop ruining people's lives just so you can get more followers or whatever.

590 days ago
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