TMZ Live Cee Lo Green Sexual Battery Investigation

10/31/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Cee Lo Green -- Sexual Battery Investigation

TMZ Live

TMZ broke the story ... Cee Lo Green under investigation for an alleged sexual battery. We know what police are taking a closer look at ... and why. We also have reaction from Cee Lo's camp.

Plus, Katy Perry and Russell Brand created some drama at the Lakers game -- the exes were both sitting courtside, but no peck on the cheek or even a handshake! Everyone thought they were cool with each other ... so what's the deal?

Also, ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber joins us to explain why she decided to release nude pics after her laptop got jacked! 
(0:00) Cee Lo is being accused of sexual battery -- and he says the whole thing is a load of BS. We apologize on Mike's behalf, for trying to tell this story while wearing a hot dog weiner outfit.
(6:46) It's the biggest temptation of Tim Tebow to date -- we got pictures of the QB hanging out with his superhot lady friend, Camilla Belle.
(10:00) Mitt Romney fakes a donation drive for hurricane victims -- but he may be getting a bad rap for no reason.
(15:00) Liberty Ross is asked if she's gonna see the next "Twilight" movie -- and her reaction is priceless.
(18:00) Former WWE wrestler Amy Weber joins the show -- to talk about how she lost her laptop ... then released nude pictures of herself in order to head off someone else doing it. Not the best plan.
(25:10) Ben Affleck made a huge mistake -- he turned down the chance to direct the pilot of "Homeland."
(27:10) Katy Perry and Russell Brand both attended the Lakers game last night .... awwwwwwwkwarrrrrrrd.
(33:10) Tom Cruise's drunken intruder ... is such a poser.
(35:45) Harvey and Charles go toe-to-toe about Matt Barnes one-game suspension.
(37:30) Gene Hackman slapped a homeless man for calling his wife a nasty name ... did he go to far ... or good for him?
(39:00) The floor is yours!