TMZ Live Cee Lo Green Sexual Battery Investigation

TMZ Live

TMZ broke the story ... Cee Lo Green under investigation for an alleged sexual battery. We know what police are taking a closer look at ... and why. We also have reaction from Cee Lo's camp.

Plus, Katy Perry and Russell Brand created some drama at the Lakers game -- the exes were both sitting courtside, but no peck on the cheek or even a handshake! Everyone thought they were cool with each other ... so what's the deal?

Also, ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber joins us to explain why she decided to release nude pics after her laptop got jacked! 
(0:00) Cee Lo is being accused of sexual battery -- and he says the whole thing is a load of BS. We apologize on Mike's behalf, for trying to tell this story while wearing a hot dog weiner outfit.
(6:46) It's the biggest temptation of Tim Tebow to date -- we got pictures of the QB hanging out with his superhot lady friend, Camilla Belle.
(10:00) Mitt Romney fakes a donation drive for hurricane victims -- but he may be getting a bad rap for no reason.
(15:00) Liberty Ross is asked if she's gonna see the next "Twilight" movie -- and her reaction is priceless.
(18:00) Former WWE wrestler Amy Weber joins the show -- to talk about how she lost her laptop ... then released nude pictures of herself in order to head off someone else doing it. Not the best plan.
(25:10) Ben Affleck made a huge mistake -- he turned down the chance to direct the pilot of "Homeland."
(27:10) Katy Perry and Russell Brand both attended the Lakers game last night .... awwwwwwwkwarrrrrrrd.
(33:10) Tom Cruise's drunken intruder ... is such a poser.
(35:45) Harvey and Charles go toe-to-toe about Matt Barnes one-game suspension.
(37:30) Gene Hackman slapped a homeless man for calling his wife a nasty name ... did he go to far ... or good for him?
(39:00) The floor is yours!