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Judge to Sam Lutfi

Go Away ...

You Have No Case

11/1/2012 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears' family just scored a HUUUUGE victory in their legal war with Sam Lutfi -- the judge just THREW OUT Sam's entire case against the family ... finding he presented no evidence that they ever did anything wrong.

Lutfi had filed a lawsuit -- claiming the various members of the Spears family had defamed him, attacked him and breached a management contract he said he had with Britney.

During his testimony, Lutfi slammed the Spears family ... arguing that Britney was an out-of-control drug addict ... and her family wrongly painted him as the villain. 

But today, before the case even went to the jury, the judge decided Lutfi had no case whatsoever against any members of the Spears family ... and tossed his case out of court.

Lutfi tells TMZ he plans to appeal the judge's decision.


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It is a good thing that Britney was detained on a 5150 that eventually became conservatorship status.The vultures...buzzards...users all circle around hoping to find someone like her to exploit and leech off of.Adnan and Sam were both frothing at the mouth at their good fortune of latching onto a VERY wealthy celebrity who was slowly descending into psychosis. Keep in mind she was being encouraged by these filthy vermin to cut her family off,etc. Unless any of you have worked in the field of mental health services taking care of mentally ill people you do NOT know the laws legalities regarding detainment and conservatorship and you have NO idea how easily a mentally ill person can be exploited convinced manipulated by BAD EVIL people. I have no idea if that Sam guy or Adnan have prior criminal records BUT they wanted access to Britney's fortune..NOTHING else and she was ill enough @that time she would have given it all away to her "friends".I was a psychiatric RN for over 25 years here in California and believe me .....even getting someone detained on a 5150 is difficult.A conservatorship pretty much means they have a chronic unremitting mental health diagnosis that will require treatment permanently. I guarantee that the only reason Britney is marginally functional @this time is because she is on a conservatorship and her "care takers" make damn sure she takes her psychiatric medications.

723 days ago


lmao hahahahahahahaha **** you lutfi the judge saw what everyone else did.a family getting their daughter from the grips of a money grubber and saving her isnt violating a contract.they were saving their daughter from you killing her and robbing her blind

723 days ago



723 days ago


The Spears family should sue this piece of sh*t to financial ruin!

723 days ago


I think that if your case is so bad that the judge considers it such a waste of time that he won't send it to the jury, then you should be forced to pay for the expenses of the person you are suing AND the court. Taxpayer money goes to pay the judge and other court workers and it takes up time that could be used on other legitimate cases.

723 days ago



723 days ago


Lufti just needs to crawl back under the slime covered rock he came from and stfu. Of course he'll appeal, because he is a sick, sad, sob. Good luck trying to get the case going again parasite!

723 days ago


ALRIGHT!!!!!!! F U Lutfi you sorry-a** jerkoff.

723 days ago


Hey Zombie you still there? I hope I made your day. Now I am going to pick up my paycheck from Lufti or am I lufti? I am very confused,maybe I will borrow some meds from Britney. In case you do not read my post responses-no I don't have a life that is why I am here what is your excuse? Isn't life great!!

723 days ago


A lot of emotions here> Just remember it is TMZ.

723 days ago


Lufti is hanging out with all of Hollywood's well known druggies, so it doesn't seem like a stretch to assume he's their supplier. So Lufti's game is to provide these avid drug users with "stuff" and then pretend he's their "Manager"? Naaa. I ain't buying it, I guess the Judge didn't buy it either. Good call Judge!!!

723 days ago


What was clear back then was that Britney was in serious need of help. What was unclear was how Lutfi was helping her, or indeed if he was helping her at all during this time, and in what capacity.

Any verbal agreement would have been tossed out by a judge just on the basis of seeing Britney's behaviour at that time. Without a written managerial contract Lutfi had no proof of such a relationship; to the world, he was at best a rebound boyfriend with a questionable background and even more suspect motives. He knew or ought to have known that a conservatorship was a possibility and that he would have no part to play in Britney's life when that occurred.

The fact remains that the conservatorship was justified and may remain so for the rest of her life. It is clearly keeping her financial situation on the upswing, keeping her in the public eye, keeping her and her family together, and allowing her far closer to a normal life than she would have without it. The only issue with the conservatorship to most outsiders is that it places Britney at the legal level of a minor; and the reasons for the conservatorship are kept very tightly under wraps. However, that is as it should be.

723 days ago



723 days ago


Appeal??????How the f*ck do you think you are going to pay your current legal fees now that your case has been tossed out of court? Can't Britney sue for attorney fees now!!!!!! HA HA HA NOW CRAWL BACK UNDER THAT ROCK YOU CAME FROM I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE IN THE NEWS AGAIN! UNLESS YOU ARE GETTING ARRESTED

723 days ago


Lufti is the only person who ever lied about himself and made him look like a horses ass. The guy is a waste of oxygen.

722 days ago
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