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Khloe K's Nipples

Debut on 'X Factor'

11/1/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Khloe Kardashian
's boobs stole the show on "X Factor" last night ... this according to Simon Cowell who said he was so distracted by KK's tatas ... he could barely focus.

During Khloe's debut episode as a co-host -- along with Mario Lopez -- it became very apparent that KK wasn't wearing a bra underneath her extremely sheer top.

At one point, Simon pointed out that Khloe was pointing out ... saying, "May I say Khloe, you're looking very sexy tonight ... I think the air conditioning is on high."

Khloe shot back, "You love it" ... Simon, "It's very distracting."

Funny, it's usually Simon's nipples that can't be contained.


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Compared to the other dummy sisters with their dead eyes and monotone voices, Khloe always came across as the more interesting one. I never liked how she talked about sex nonstop though, or swearing at her Mom (nobody deserves it more clearly). The fact that she had to resort to showing her boobs and engage in sexual banter to this level tells us even though she is OJ's daughter, she is a Kardashian to the bone. I thought better of her, but they are all the same. Talentless trash.

728 days ago


How could this tramp not know her breast would be visible in this see thru blouse. This is not her first time in front of the cameras. Trying to get ratings for a failing show. You're right Harvery,it was a "boobie trap".

728 days ago


Worst host ever!

728 days ago


not funny, she's a bloated pig with implants and all she does is stand there nodding her head up and down while Mario speaks. The show STINKS, everyone is mediocre and the judges have no clue about guiding them.

728 days ago


not funny, she's a bloated pig with implants and all she does is stand there nodding her head up and down while Mario speaks. The show STINKS, everyone is mediocre and the judges have no clue about guiding them.

728 days ago


Well, she was just trying to show the only talent the Kartrashians have. But she really shouldn't overexpose herself. She may be called back to play Chewbacca again if Disney makes a new Star Wars.

728 days ago


The show itself sucks real bad so they had to liven it up a bit so they used ice on her nipples gave her a sheer top with no bra, but the show still sucks.

728 days ago


The shirt isn't sheer and you can't see her nipples. The shirt is shiny and her nipples were hard. BIG difference. Nothing like making a mountain out of a molehill.

728 days ago

BB not bb    

What is sexual about a nipple? NOTHING. People are psycho worrying about what they scrutinize through her clothing. They sound like th Taiiban worrying about a woman having a lock of hair showing, then saying that she is a whore and attacking her.

They will gang rape and then stone to death a woman who doesn't cover her hair. How far behind is this country calling a woman a whore for having her body part visible through her clothes? If a man's nipple isn't a problem for anyone's moral tastes, why is a woman's. A woman can use hers to feed children no less, so it is even less of an eye appeal feature and more of a functional feature.

If people think that feeding children is sexual, they are on a whole new level of psycho. Grow up and stop wasting time picking on people for doing nothing wrong.

728 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh and by the way for the bra police, you can be wearing a bra and still have your nipple show through your shirt. Some women have large or hard nipples maybe? Anyway, the only way to completely hide a nipple is to have it behind a thick foam pad. If you already have large breasts, you will just look like a cow. I guess that is what people like though, because they fawn over that and ostracize people who just look normal with a nipple discernable if you look really hard.

You can buy a big expensive heavy duty bra that holds everything so tight that even your spine gets out of adjustment from just trying it on, and you will still see nipples through a normal shirt. I guess women are going to be expected to tape their nipples in or wear a heavy shield of padding over them now?

What happened to women's liberation? It sounds like women's humiliation to me any more.

728 days ago

BB not bb    

We freed the slaves, now lets free the breasts. Stop women's subjugation and bodily enslavement to fashion.

A bra is like a ball and chain. It psychologically and physcially humiliates people who are forced to wear it through the judgments of a derranged social mentality. How can a woman truly feel free if she is constricted in a harnesss designed to make an object of arousal out of her body?

Bras are pure evil and a tool of satan to make women seem inferior to men.

728 days ago

BB not bb    

And, there is no sexual tension between Khloe and Simon. That is just another figment of the derranged imaginations of the animals who are havinng a problem over this shirt. Simon made a crude and fresh remark and Khloe slapped it back down with one of her own. That is called a snappy come back, not sexual tension. Simon is trying to start something, as is his obnoxious way, and Khloe just pleasantly denied him the honor.

Should she have cried and run off the stage like the contestants do when Simon is rude to them? I find his giant veneers quite distracting, how does he like them apples?

728 days ago


Shevonne and Kelly are so smokin!!!!

728 days ago


Seriously people grow up with your stupid comments. I was at the show last night and it is sad that everyone says she is fat. She is actually very thin in person. The start of the show was pre-recorded, and in fact when Khloe was watching it play back while standing on the stage she saw her nipple pointing out and quickly covered her breast area. As soon as she saw it her face changed and she made every effort to cover it the rest of the show. She had her friend Malika there and you could tell she immediately went off the stage on the first commercial break and told her what she noticed on the playback. It almost looked like she was asking to change- obviously she could not change, it is live TV. While standing on the stage and noticing it she looked embarrassed, quickly covered her breast with her hair and turned to face the audience. We were not live yet because the whole intro was pre recorded, so when she realized people had noticed she put her hands up like o well what am I going to do- its live TV. Lay off her you guys geeez, she did very well for her first time up there- trust me the crowd is going nuts, its loud, and she probably couldn't hear a lot of stuff with so many people screaming. Keep it up Khloe, you rocked it out for girls everywhere.

728 days ago


Just how much more crap do we have to endure from these whores. They have made their money and now they need to go in to private whoring because America is sick of this trashy,classless,disgusting family. They are fat,ugly and yes they like dark meat, so what get lost people.

728 days ago
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