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'Star Wars'

Dear Disney ...

Don't Screw This Up!!

11/1/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lucas has passed the "Star Wars" baton to Disney, and nerds can rejoice -- at least until the Mouse does something dumb ... like NOT killing off Jar Jar Binks! C'mon, who do we gotta know?!

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Disney: Don't f*ck this up.. Get back to the original film which actually had a real cast, with real chemistry and a real story.. The prequels SUCKED!!! Too much CGI, terrible acting from talented actors, and an uninspired storyline.. Go back to the roots, make us fall in love all over again..

700 days ago


Disney can't possibly do anything worse than George Lucas would have if it remained in his hands.

Between franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and the recent Marvel explosion, Disney has shown they know what to do when it comes to live action blockbusters that "older" audiences can enjoy. They should be able to find the perfect blend of special effects, good acting, and solid story that I've always felt Star Wars lacked (I'm not a fan of the films, as I found the original three a bit boring and the later three mediocre).

There is a deep lore and legacy outside of the six films, and Disney is the perfect corporation to unlock the potential the storied realm has.

700 days ago

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700 days ago


the new SW film is not going to be about making a great film - it's going to be about making as much money as possible. and that mean appealing to the widest audience possible. expect children in lead roles, jar jar because he's easy, slap stick humor, more female characters, more minority representation.

700 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

i have to say i have my doubts, but i'll at least wait to pass judgment untill more details about 7 come out.

that being said... i wonder if he was smart enough to keep his merchandising rights this time too??? LOL

700 days ago


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700 days ago


Hope they'll just CGI Hamill, don't think 2 years at the gym will help him

700 days ago


lucas's last 3 movies pretty much distroyed everything i liked about star wars and spawned some realy ****y games because of it. they realy cant **** it up any worse then it already is. but given the brand they probbly still make billions doing it

700 days ago


lucas wrecked the franchise with the prequels. i will not waste another dime going to see anymore of these flicks.

700 days ago


Will be a cluster**** of expensive things and no substance :( I'm not excited about this, Disney will 99% screw this up somehow

662 days ago

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