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Marc Jacobs

Hurricane Sandy

DESTROYED My Apartment

11/3/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

110212_marc_jacobs_launchDesigner Marc Jacobs was among the hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy last weekend -- telling TMZ, he completely lost his Manhattan apartment due to flooding ... and now, he's looking for a new place to live.

Marc was out walking his dog Friday in New York -- and he told us, he had to move uptown temporarily because Sandy completely destroyed his West Village apartment.

Marc says it's so bad, he hasn't even been able to go back to try to salvage some of his belongings.

Sucks ... but something tells us he'll be just fine.


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Give me a break!    

He's a gazillionaire. Its hard to muster up extra sympathy for him. I feel bad for the elderly that lost their homes after a long life of hard work and struggle.

727 days ago


Hardest hit- excuse me but he moved up town with his dog. feel sorry NOT
Did he see what other people have to put up with
no electricity no heat no food no ****ing home
get real- you print this crap you should be ashamed of yourself low life tmz.

727 days ago


Rich people's problems: how far uptown do they have to move? ~_~

727 days ago


Why does TMZ keep calling Sandy a hurricane? It was not a hurricane, dumb asses.TMZ never cares about being accurate.

727 days ago


Okay is West Manhattan apartment was destroyed, there are others who don't have electricity, have loss family members and are homeless as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I feel his cir***stance but I have more sympathy for families that don't have the means to move to upstate NYC or secure a warm place to lay their heads down at night while they sort out their affairs.

727 days ago


'Hardest hit' TMZ? Really?? I thought the people who died or lost loves ones were the hardest hit. p.s.: Don't blame the designer, he was just being polite by answering TMZ's question.

727 days ago


Hey, at least he's ALIVE!!!!

727 days ago


What a bunch of CRAP Poor baby!!!!!! He should come to the Jersey Shore!!!!!!!Then he will see what real devestation is. !00 homes in a neighboring town were detroyed Only the foundations remain. 14 people died here in NJ as a result of Sandy. The people here in NJ come together to help each other, We all feel each others pain.So much destruction here in NJ

727 days ago


TMZ, your udders must be getting sore. In your clip, Marc was definitely not complaining. He mumbled a few words as he was being pestered by your crew … the rest was added by TMZ writers.

Since Sandy is a National tragedy, I think the viewers would forgive you if you were serious just this once, and posted a REAL story about this horrible storm.

727 days ago

Its Me    

First of all he was out walking his dog, minding his own business when TMZ approached HIM, so it's not like he is out there crying poor me. Second, yes he has the money to replace the building, but I'm sure he had personal, irreplaceable belongings, in his apartment just like everyone else. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he doesn't deserve compassion.

727 days ago


Too cute to be gay....

727 days ago


You know TMZ, I just dont know where your f****ing priorities guys are on the West Coast...maybe Harvey you should get your egotistical ass on a plane and come see for yourself the devastation here on the East Coast...who cares that these rich celebrities lost their homes? They can well afford to rebuild, go stay in a luxury hotel for an unlimited time, etec etc...unlike people here who have lost everything and dont have the monetary means to rebuild etc. Stop with the Boo Hoo Hoo friggin celebrity KK got her fat ass back on a plane to Miami so that she could advoid the storm...Really need to stop printing this crap some heart and a social concious for everyone on the East Coast who has beeen devastated by this storm!!!

727 days ago


Who ****ing cares TMZ! This guy can live anywhere he wants, he's rich!( incase you didn't know) How about you report on ppl out there that lost their only place to live and cant even get to work when they live only pay check to pay check. **** this story!!

727 days ago


Poor millionaire....

727 days ago


One of the hardest hit? Tell that to the people out on Staten island who actually did lose everything, including the lives of their loved ones. This guy only lost a small portion of his fortune and even then he was most likely insured up the azz (no pun intended)

727 days ago
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