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Rehab Decision Was Mine

Michael Lohan Calls BS

11/2/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom says NO ONE had to talk her into going to rehab, insisting she made the decision completely on her own -- but Michael Lohan says she's straight up LYING.

Octo just released a statement saying, "I chose to seek treatment after consulting with my manager regarding my recent use of Xanax, which was prescribed by my physician for panic attacks."

She continues, "There were no other people involved with me entering treatment other than my manager and myself. There was no  intervention that took place."

Octo is clearly going after Lohan ... who told TMZ he helped organize an intervention that helped convince Nadya Suleman she needed help.

Michael tells TMZ ... Nadya is fudging the truth ... because he worked WITH Octo's manager to make the plans to get Suleman into treatment.

Despite the dispute, Octo says she's confident she will beat her addiction ... saying, "I am working in therapy every day with my doctors and therapists regarding the origin of these attacks so as not to have to rely on medications to handle it.  I am paying for my own treatment; I am finding my voice here.”


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Is there a reason any one would care what he thinks?TMZ please this is stupid

666 days ago


They are both telling bits of truth. Gina Rodriguez already stated that she did consult with Michael on a Treatment Facility to send Nadya to. But that is the extent of Michael's involvement (according to Gina).

666 days ago


WHY IS OCTOMOM RESPONDING TO TABLOID ARTICLES WHEN SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE "IN REHAB"?? She appears to still be media obsessed instead of focused on recovery.

666 days ago


I wouldn't believe Michael Lohan if he said the sun came up in the East. Lordy, what an unbelievably messed up man he is. Well, the whole family actually.

666 days ago


Milo is disputing his degree of involvementa in placing a women in rehab which is famous for heaven 14 kids and doing soft porn to support her own little private-every-day-for-the-rest-of-he- life-care. I really do not know how to start to mess aroiund and make fun of Millo.The options of joke are far too many.

666 days ago


She is in rehab, why is she still making comments to the press?

666 days ago


There both full of **** , I think he wants ppl do look at him like he's out there trying to help and reach out to people that need rehab , but he's just a fake trying to get his name out there for good reasons instead of what he's known as lol! And sell bs stories to the world . Some more white trash in Hollywood Lol .

666 days ago


.... it's no wonder ML said "If it wasn’t for her manager Gina, my good friend, Tim Chapman at the Chapman house/Teen savers and Gina's daughter, this would not have been possible. They deserve a lot of credit!"

"would not have been possible" no sh't..

Funny how he made sure to credit other people...'s almost as if he knew he had almost ZERO involvement in the whole thing and wanted to make sure to his ass was covered....

666 days ago


Wow. Everybody lies except the Lohan's.

666 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

Please stop reporting on these two. Isn't this a "celebrity" website? They are no where near the Thirty Mile Zone.

666 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Wait so first she has something like 50 kids then promptly unravels in a self-made tragedy. Uuuuhh, there must be a name for a condition like that...

666 days ago


Hey MiLo, I got a bonus recently. You want to take credit for that, too?

666 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

ok I dont know which one is more disgusting.if Obama wins its octo mom if romney then its michael

666 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

going to rehab is a advertising gimick that tmz always falls for,or they are in on the lie

666 days ago


The only voice she is hearing are the voices in her head telling her that she needed all those children even though she isn't married, has no job, no money, or honey. Now we must all contribute towards the cost to take care of her addiction. What a poor excuse for a human being she has become. Take the kids away. She is totally incompetent as a mother and a human being.

666 days ago
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