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Bristol Palin


in Bar Heckler Lawsuit

11/3/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1103-bristol-palin-tmzA judge has tossed out a defamation lawsuit filed by the man who famously heckled Bristol Palin on her reality show … and even ordered him to pay her attorneys fees … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Stephen Hanks filed a lawsuit against Palin and A&E (parent company of Lifetime) following his encounter with Palin in a Hollywood bar that aired as part of her show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

During the confrontation, Hanks called Bristol's mom Sarah "evil" and a "whore" and Bristol said the man was gay ... saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks went after Bristol and A&E on several levels. First, he claimed he never signed a waiver to appear on the show. Second, he claimed the show invaded his privacy by airing Bristol's comments about Hanks being gay. And third, he claimed Bristol damaged his reputation when she later gave an interview saying that Hanks' hurtful comments are what caused her leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

But a judge ruled in favor of Bristol and A&E on every count -- saying the show was protected by the First Amendment and that Hanks did not have his privacy violated because no unknown facts about him were disclosed (A&E had argued that Hanks is out as a gay man on his social media accounts).

The judge also ruled that Hanks has to cover Palin's attorney's fees.


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Ivan in Phoenix    

Go away Stephen Hanks, and try not to act all butt-hurt again!

634 days ago


You know TMZ was PRAYING that she got hit with this the lawsuit. SCREW you TMZ you bunch of HOMO$

634 days ago


I have a gay daughter, vote for gay rights BUT this heckler is a disgrace to all good gays. He seemed to believe Bristol had no right to be in CA because she was Sarah's daughter. His behavior hurts the gay cause. I am straight but my daughter and her gay friends love me an allow me to be in bars with them.

634 days ago


Who cares about Bristol Palin!!!

634 days ago


I saw the clip. He publicly heckles her, on camera, and then tries to sue HER? I think she showed restraint.

634 days ago


you can clearly see this guy has anger issues. Bristol looks GREAT in this video. wow and she handled this unexpected situation perfectly... ummm it was an unscripted correct ? Regardless, Bristol Looks HOT !

634 days ago


Good for her! So sick of the way people treat the Palin's. this guy is a horrible person.

634 days ago


I saw this episode when it aired and this guy was a real jerk. For no reason he just started lashing out at Bristol while she was having fun with her friends at a bar and calling her mother names. I guess the party of tolerance isn't so tolerant unless you agree with them. Nice to see that karma got him back as he so rightly deserved.

634 days ago


Good.... about time to shut these GAY NAZIS down. Just like liberals yell RACIST at anyone who disagrees with their progressive ideas, LGBT yell "HOMOPHOBE" at anyone who doesn't kiss their skanky butts.
Recent well researched study with large number of participants has finally stated the truth about the LGBT community... it is only 4% - 5% of population - but they sure make a lot of noise and blackmail a lot of people with violence don't they?

634 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA at that uppity liberal gay moron. Put a video up with running his mouth about this NOW, TMZ.

634 days ago


Good! That douchebag shouldn't have started running his mouth in the first place.

634 days ago


He's a doo doo head.

634 days ago


Stephen Hanks has a Karma -twin. Remember Adam M Smith? He was the jerk who harrassed a Chic Fil-a window attendant and thought video taping ti for the world was a good idea. After being fired , what ever happened to Smith? If anyone knows for sure could they please tell us.

634 days ago


LMBO...Well her mother is what she is!

634 days ago


What I can't understand or get over is how such a jerk had the nerve to sue HER for defamation when he called her mother a whore, the devil, etc. and Bristol a F.B. She and her mother had the cause of action to SUE him for defamation.

I sure how Bristol got herself a very expensive per hour attorney and they stick him with a huge legal bill that it will take him the next 30 years to pay off. And put a lien on any property he has for your judgment, Bristol!

He's just a big, stupid BULLY! And he needs deep therapy! She was minding her own business having a fun time with her friends - talk about mother issues! What a nutjob!

634 days ago
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