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Permission to FIGHT

During Rehab Stint

11/3/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman has been granted permission to yell and scream at random strangers during her stint in rehab ... in fact, she's even getting paid for it ... TMZ has learned.

As we previously reported, Octo is making serious money as a featured arguer on a debate website called -- where people (like Michael Lohan) often go to war with Nadya over explosive issues like child care.

So when Nadya decided to check herself into rehab for a Xanax addiction this weekend, she made it clear to the center that she couldn't go 30 days without a paycheck ... and got permission to work from the facility.

In fact, we're told the center has agreed to design Nadya's treatment schedule around her work schedule ... which consists of several 90 minute video chat sessions from a computer at the facility.

Sources tell us ... the facility will monitor all of Nadya's chats ... just to make sure she's staying on track and not doing anything stupid ... like asking people for Xanax.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And obviously she's still allowed to sell stories to TMZ.

716 days ago


When you are in rehab you are NOT allowed to work. PERIOD. If she is allowed to "work" from this rehab the its a joke of a facility and not going to do her any good (if she even wants to get clean).

The fact that she is selling stories to TMZ from rehab proves that she is not truly serious about getting sober.

Also, when most people are in rehab their managers aren't selling the story to every tabloid that will listen. This violates one of the core values of 12 step programs (attraction rather than promotion). VJJ should have done her homework before coming up with this stunt.

Have you ever read another story where someone in rehab was doing press releases and "working" while they were in there?

TMZ WAKE UP!! You have been played by her ex-porn star manager, Gina Rodriguez (who also manages Michael Lohan and the rest of the people she is getting "paid" to rant at on that crappy debate site).

This is a poorly thought out publicity stunt and she is trying to take the focus off of the child abuse charges.

If this story is true, then anyone thinking about checking themselves into Chapman House in Orange should think twice about it if they really want to get sober. Any rehab that allows this type of crap to go on (working, press releases, etc) is no good. Also, they are not supposed to give people special treatment. It would be a circus in there if everyone had their cell phones and was "working" while they were in there. The whole point of going to an inpatient facility is to focus on getting clean. Part of this idiots problem is her delusions about being a celebrity and if the rehab is playing into that then they are doing her much more harm than good.

If I were Tim Chapman I would be sending a cease and desist letter to Octoliars manager and tell her to keep their name out of the press.

I hope that he doesn't think that he is getting any positive publicity from this. I know 2 people who do referrals for major insurance companies that will no longer be sending anyone to this facility from now on.

716 days ago


She is the s*** of the earth.

716 days ago


And I thought my mother was screwed up. Boy do I owe her an apology. As far as Octomom all I can say is WHAT?

716 days ago


this is hilarious. she doesn't even debate anyone. it's all gina's clients debating each other.

716 days ago


Just what is this Chapman House place, a rehab facilty or just a spa? It looks more and more like Nadya is just having a nice litttle 30-day vacation from the kids. She's supposed to be detoxing from her drug addiction. Instead she gets to sit there and piddle around with her "debates." I suffered through watching a few the Deeyoon things she did on Oct. 28. She was not showing any signs of being in drug withdrawal. This "rehab" is just playtime for her, and nobody at Chapman appears to be making her take her addiction seriously. She will leave with the same problems she had when she checked in.

716 days ago


It sounds like she's rehabbing with Dr Drew. He's as much of an attention whore as Michael Lohan and Octomon.

716 days ago


Enough with the OCTOHO stories. Can you please go back to talking about some REAL celebs?

716 days ago


Yeah, she's in rehab. Does the Octocamp think the public is that stupid? Apparently. All 9 people can see her debate against other z list losers. Really? Who wants to see idiots gibber gabber about things they know nothing about.

716 days ago


Harvey owns a piece of the site

716 days ago


@KEL: Ownership of is not a secret. It was founded by Israeli/Canadian entrepreneur Joe Kalfa, who has also founded other web-based companies such as Wahooly, a company that funds Internet start-ups. He is an investor who made his fortune in the dental wholesale supply business -- his main company is NAD, North American Dental Wholesalers Inc. based in Toronto, Canada. You can read about the background of Kalfa and his Deeyoon company in business publications such as Forbes and Tech Crunch. He is also profiled on his own LinkedIn page. Google search turned up a large amount of additional information on Kalfa and his various enterprises. The only mystery about him is why he chose to use D-listers like Octomom to promote Deeyoon.

716 days ago


Child protective services failed.

716 days ago


*sigh* if not for those fourteen little hostages, nobody would give rolling f%$* about Natalie Freaking Doud. TMZ, stop kissing Gina Rodriguez's overused butt...all this media blitz about her clients is really nauseating.

716 days ago


these kids should be taking awaay for good im sick of this women suppose to be stressed out and then making money doing stupid **** on the side whats wrong with the system this women is crazy and a idiot she is pathetic peice of crap

716 days ago


So Octomom is arguing pro Obama? Explains a lot. Single mother of 14, living off of welfare, doing porn, neglecting her kids and addicted to drugs. Then we have Bloomberg who is pro Obama who thought it was a smart thing to get port-a-johns, Gatorade and generators for marathon runners while people had no working bathrooms, no power and no drinking water. Think about it people... these are the people who support Obama.

716 days ago
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