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Permission to FIGHT

During Rehab Stint

11/3/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman has been granted permission to yell and scream at random strangers during her stint in rehab ... in fact, she's even getting paid for it ... TMZ has learned.

As we previously reported, Octo is making serious money as a featured arguer on a debate website called -- where people (like Michael Lohan) often go to war with Nadya over explosive issues like child care.

So when Nadya decided to check herself into rehab for a Xanax addiction this weekend, she made it clear to the center that she couldn't go 30 days without a paycheck ... and got permission to work from the facility.

In fact, we're told the center has agreed to design Nadya's treatment schedule around her work schedule ... which consists of several 90 minute video chat sessions from a computer at the facility.

Sources tell us ... the facility will monitor all of Nadya's chats ... just to make sure she's staying on track and not doing anything stupid ... like asking people for Xanax.


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Wouldn't this site cause her to need Xanax!? It would certainly leave me needing something if I had to argue with people for hours..

728 days ago


In terms of making the public aware that 14 kids are still in the care of a delusional psychotic, anything that lets Suleman speaks directly is a godsend.

Let deyoon do its thing, assuming for some bizarre reason anyone would ever want to spend more than 10 seconds wasting time on a skanky lunatic ravings, and maybe this will force CPS to realize that the public now knows this is not someone rational enough to be responsible for FOURTEEN kids.

TMZ the real story should be: there is a loving family who has already cared for the octuplets at their home all summer and is financially able to adopt them and take them off welfare support. Nadya Suleman won't even allow them to see the tups who have become dependent on this couple for the nurturing Nadya Suleman refuses to be bother to give them. Their entire lives in her houses have been in front of a TV set with sitters while she goes out and frolics. She is never home unless she is too wasted to walk. She feeds them slops, when she feeds them at all. They don't even have shoes other than the ones bought buy the woman who wants to adopt them. And are often left underdressed in the cold.

So in a way TMZ is letting Suleman continue to spend your tax dollars while TMZ profits.

Why aren't you reporting what is REALLY happening,TMZ?

728 days ago

Star Whacker    

Soooo.....they're going to monitor her "just to make sure she's staying on track and not doing anything stupid". Good luck on that one! Maybe they can keep her in there for life for the sake of her kids. You just can't fix stupid.

728 days ago


Wow... just wow. I don't understand why people allow this woman to do whatever the hell she wants. And I don't understand how she hasn't had her children taken away from her. Just sickening. Anyone with a brain can see how bad of a mother she is. But of course, the kids need to end up dead before the law will step in.

728 days ago


This woman is a real life circus act. She makes a living based on the fact that everyone hates her.

727 days ago


someone need to beat the pulp out of this crazy b---h this is human trash, and the more tzm keep her in the headines this trash will make money.

727 days ago


really unprofessional rehab center. please publish the name of the facility so that real people who need real help won't go there. no reputable hosp would allow this. they don't even allow phones, much less computers.

727 days ago


I WANt to fight her. Please. Someone please contact me at

727 days ago


Can this idiot put a thought together? Not only is she hideous, she is stupid. Not a good combo for a baby making machine.

726 days ago


If people would stop paying attention to this skank, then maybe she would dry up and blow away...sick of hearing about her. She is NO celebrity and does not deserve recognition!!!!

726 days ago


This is looking more and more like a PR stunt set up by Nadya Suleman's manager, Easier to hide her away so she can avoid questions concerning child abuse and sexual abuse.
If Chapman House agreed to play along with this then they will loss all credibility, can GinaR. afford to fix that mistake?
When will TMZ finally start reporting the truth? Is this a game? If it is then what about the 14 kids standing on the sideline waiting to be loved and well cared for or is money more important that the kids.
If Suleman is such a great mother lether babysit some of your kids.

726 days ago
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