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Permission to FIGHT

During Rehab Stint

11/3/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman has been granted permission to yell and scream at random strangers during her stint in rehab ... in fact, she's even getting paid for it ... TMZ has learned.

As we previously reported, Octo is making serious money as a featured arguer on a debate website called -- where people (like Michael Lohan) often go to war with Nadya over explosive issues like child care.

So when Nadya decided to check herself into rehab for a Xanax addiction this weekend, she made it clear to the center that she couldn't go 30 days without a paycheck ... and got permission to work from the facility.

In fact, we're told the center has agreed to design Nadya's treatment schedule around her work schedule ... which consists of several 90 minute video chat sessions from a computer at the facility.

Sources tell us ... the facility will monitor all of Nadya's chats ... just to make sure she's staying on track and not doing anything stupid ... like asking people for Xanax.


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Who the f*** pays to see this??

727 days ago


LOL Mark Cuban is 12 Years Younger than Donald Trump & is also a BiLLiONAiRE, Nice, Barry H. Obama Received The Endorsement Of REPUBLiCAN Former USA Secretary Of State & General: Colin Powell & also New York City's Mayor: Michael Bloomberg...................Romney You are Going Down Boyyyy!!!........................OCTO-DUMB VS. LOWHAND

727 days ago


The silver lining in this, of course, is that the more people become aware of how clinically insane she is, the less CPS can hide behind protecting Suleman's interests for some bizarre reason instead of the well being of 14 kids.
Although the real quesion is who dafock would ever bother to watch this box of rabid squirrels.

And there is the additional factor that Nadya Suleman is going off the rails at an ever increasing rate of acceleration. Why anyone needs to be subjected by profit- chasing gossip columns to the nasty spectacle of some skanky welfare-grfiting sociopath coming undone is an interesting question.

Odd how the gossip columns refuse to admit that there is no story with the past played out Suleman. And that the real interest is in the 14 kids who now might actually have a real shot at a happy future since miraculously there is a woman who they reciprocally love who is willing and can afford to adopt all 8.

Maybe the father can be persuaded to step in and do something to make this happen.
How many times is that going to happened to these kids? And why isn't CPS doing more to help?

The other interesting question might be whether Suleman's washed-up porn performer/manager may be criminally liable for providing her psychotic client with drugs since several people are now coming forward to say they witnessed just that.

727 days ago


Pathetic human trash...this is like crossing the Jerry Springer show with a 976 number.

727 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Suleman is totally insane. I don't know if it would be called narcissism or sociopath or what, but she's out of her twisted mind. I call bull_shlt on the Xanax thing too. Have you ever heard her talk? She is totally manic, her words spew out her like automatic gunfire. This sounds like a great rehab facility she's in. She's going to be twice as effed up by the time she leaves.

727 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Octomomz is akin to the Obama followers- Break rules, lack of integrity, no hard work and let society pay your freight forward!

727 days ago


Octo is just using this as a way to get away from her kids for awhile, make money, and try to get sympathy from everyone so that she gets more money in donations. A little vacation time under the guise of going to a rehab facility. I hope the state uses this time to pack up the kids and move them out and away from the Octosylum. If she is not there to stop them with her non stop deranged babbling then maybe they can make a clean get away. Then the kids could go on to living a normal life in a clean and sane environment.

727 days ago


The Big Question is, OCTODUMB, is She One of The 1.7 Million Twitter Followers Of Romney Or is She One Of The 21.7 Million Twitter Followers Of Barry H. Obama.....

727 days ago

really! really?    

Hilarious that Octo and MiLo are labeled "celebrities" in the screen shot of the debate site... only in their own minds.

726 days ago


Oh gawd....How and Why do we turn these talentless hacks into "celebrities"?

726 days ago


That hoo-hah is not in rehab! This is sooooooo Tila Tequila!
I am not buying the rehab BS.
Her manager (probably wasted) screwed up the story. She said octo checked into rehab the 23 of October. But on the 28th octo was squeaking on that debate site.

The rehab place offers to cover the cost of recovery, she declines and pays for it herself because she is completely financially secure now. She declines their offer and then says she needs to work from rehab. Is she also doing dial a star? That phone sex hotline where she told all the pervies they could also talk to her children?
I seriously doubt her followers will be calling without the children.

I don't think TMZ did their research on tis one (I know TMZ didn't do their research on this one)

I cringe at the thought of the 5 people and the driver that are taking care of these children. Octo is obviously a terrible judge of character, as she has admitted herself.

726 days ago

Joan K    

Who in the hell even wastes time calling this no talent, screaming mimi, dumb azz, crazy bitch? They all have to be nuts to even want to listen to this freak, she can't go away soon enough just like the Trashians, the Lohans and the list goes on and on.

726 days ago


To the people who work for the CPS, would you trust your kids around Octo? Would you let her watch your kids for even a day? If you cannot answer those two questions with a yes then why trust her with fourteen of her own? SAVE THE CHILDREN NOW or you will taking care of them in correctional institutions later on.

726 days ago


Is it wrong to WANT someone to OD?

726 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Dear Nadya,
I hope while you are on the phone a bolt of lightning hits the phone wire that sends electricity straight to your brain. Hopefully whatever is loose will be fixed and you will come back down to reality and not be in reality.
Phishie from Philly

726 days ago
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