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Evelyn Lozada

I Want to Be

the Next Jane Fonda!

11/4/2012 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1104_Evelyn-Lozada_gettyEvelyn Lozada is getting ready for life after reality TV and she's decided to focus on fitness -- and TMZ has learned she's already made her first move ... in the form of a big money endorsement deal.

According to our sources, the "Basketball Wives" star has signed on to endorse an organic and caffeine free energy shot called youthH2O. We're told the deal was for a whopping six figures, but Lozada has her eyes set on bigger things.

Our sources say Lozada is also close to signing on to create her own brand of workout videos as well as a deal to become the face of a workout equipment company. Judging from the pic below she recently posted on Instagram ... it's easy to see why. 

1104_lozada_instargamWe're told she knows "Wives" won't last forever and wants to create a workout empire a la Jane Fonda -- who made millions on workout books and tapes.

As long as she avoids being photographed in North Vietnam, she'll be fine.


No Avatar


Get real !

685 days ago


Jeeze christ already.

All of this, these, BS NON 'REALITY' REALITY SHOWS.

What Lazada and all the other( EX-WIVES) pick a sport, who paid for your breast implants, the wigs, so-called hair extensions, fake fingernails, botox and the list goes on. Lazada sure as hell didn't.

Want it got it and now pay for it. No. It's badmouthing time.

685 days ago


Oh goody, another Hanoi Jane. Just what this country needs now that our guys are overseas again.
Why one anyone want to be like that POS?

685 days ago

Coretta B.

685 days ago


Yea right....I'm a complete nobody too, and I want to be the next Brad Pitt.

685 days ago


Please go away, you are a no talent hag who sponges off of men.

685 days ago


TOO LATE! main reason Fonda cashed in on workout craze was because videos were new items and she got in when working out was just taking off. too late,
plus who are you lady? ????
some dumb greedy hoe who married a first hand known abuser?? you're stomach is gross , all lipo'ed out ,next to your fake fun bags,,ewww! go away, i don't care if that dude hit you, you knew what you were getting into and you chose $$ money over not being abused

685 days ago


There are thousands of work out video and books on the market....what is going to make hers different? instead of want to be bigger than another person(Fonda) why don't she try being original and think of something in the health no one has thought about yet ?

685 days ago


Whaaaaatttt? She couldn't even be Jane Jetson. Another reality hack only famous because of the pro athlete that she was married to. Semi-famous thanks to Chad. Her 15 minutes are up soon.

685 days ago


Be careful what you wish!

685 days ago


I'm so glad to hear that your life plan does not include aiding with sick babies or impoverished victims of crime. Whew.

685 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I read the headline, and thought, "Y-E-A-H, RIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!" but it might work! (Ugh! haha)
Here's what you do, but I want a cut if you take my idea--get CHAD to do it WITH you, because his football training will give the whole project an air of "authority" and you are not famous enough on your own to pull enough attention for this. (Plus the fascination factor with the past history between you two. People may watch just to see when you may start fighting!)
(Jane was ALREADY famous when she did this, just like Raquel Welch's yoga book, etc.)
Plus, that way you can appeal to both girls AND guys! More $$$!
You're welcome, now I expect a check!!!
lol =)

684 days ago


these famous and infamous people need to tell you up front that if you want a body like her , fonda and s. summers you need lipo and breast implants. they have all had work done and want you to think they got their body shape a natural way. the general public needs to do it the old fashion way eat right and work out.

684 days ago


Uhhhh, NO! I will definitely pass! I'm not going to help make her rich, don't fall for it people!

684 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Just because you have a unbelievable body doesn't make you a Jane Fonda. You're not even the same type of person. No comparison and to say that show lack of respect to Jane. But I guess you're used to not giving respect. Just another publicity whore.
Phishie from Philly

684 days ago
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