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'Star Wars' Sale

You Be the Judge

11/4/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1102-george-lucas-disney-getty-3_vaderDisney just gobbled up all things George Lucas for the reasonable price of $4 billion -- which includes the "Star Wars" franchise. So we gotta ask ...


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Not getting it. They didn't just buy Star Wars but Sky Walker Ranch. Including Lucas Film and Industrial Light and Magic. Every big film has their effects done there. Hew was under paid since ILM is such a cash cow

720 days ago


Everyone knows that Justin Beiber will be the next Skywalker to battle the forces of the evil Sith Lord Darth Binkus of Jar and his diminutive apprentice Darth Whutwhut of Endor.

Joining young Skywalker in this quest will be his adoptive cousin Alie, played by Miley Cyrus, a young Cando Calrissian and his chick, Knockabout, played by Chris Brown and Rihanna, and their Wookie bodyguard, played by Michael Richards.

720 days ago


You ask about Chewbacca and a Kardashian... and you pick Kim instead of Khloe???

720 days ago


Lucas wasn't going to do the last three movies (Ch 1-3) - now the "complete" saga is done - he wants no more and has cashed out big time. Will Disney make any money from it? Sure. But TMZ didn't ask the critical question since it is the weekend "Will Disney ever recoup their investment?" I say NO unless they (within 10yrs) start remaking all the movies which would be a shame. Siskel and Ebert said it right - why do they destroy classics by remaking them?

As with the Asimov Foundation series - they can easily make movies surrounding the entire core Star Wars franchise - as one can see with all the books already. And I am not talking Star Wars Christmas specials. Surely we want to know about how the Jedi came about. And certainly there has to be evil lurking well after the time of the last Return of the Jedi flick. Lots to do. Go for it Sheriff Stiffy.

PS If Mila is the most gorgeous woman on the planet (or whatever the phrase was) God help us all. Cute is as far as I would go. (This was the comment to give me a HATE).

720 days ago


What a lame ass post. Were those poll questions supposed to be funny? I swear I don't know why I or anyone else visits this website. Hire some decent writers Harv!

720 days ago

Greg Repice    

Katniss is well under 18 in the story. Read a book!

720 days ago


TMZ forgot the box that said: to save paying about a billion in taxes on 1/1/13 if obama is re-elected

you're going to see a lot of rich people selling if obama stays in the white house

720 days ago


Come on, guys. Khloe was born to play Chewbacca. Kim's way too small.

720 days ago


ok I know the questions are ridiculous but really!!! Anyway I hope that Disney doesn't decide they can hide violence or sex in their movies anymore. The last Cars movie was very violent and watching most Disney movies it should be about the kids not adults. It should not matter for an adult to take a child to see a 'childs' movie! There is enough sex and violence on TV, radio and on TMZ to satisify most adults!!!!! Let kids have some fun too!

720 days ago


i was thinking ok, maybe we'll get a somewhat decent movie from disney, but zac efron/taylor lautner mila kunis/selena gomez ...PASS! that killed it for me

720 days ago


Star Wars is so last year. George Lucas cleaned UP. All that's left of Star Wars are crumbs.

720 days ago


That's the Disney Castle in Paris.

720 days ago


Katniss was 16!

720 days ago


i'm sorry but the big kardashian is by far the best chewbacca

720 days ago


Disney is responsible for Toy Story, Nemo, and The Avengers... I think Star Wars is in good hands.

719 days ago
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