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Lil Wayne

LOSES Lawsuit

Over Documentary

11/5/2012 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne
just lost his case against Quincy Jones III over the documentary about the rapper, and even worse for him, he lost the countersuit QIII filed against him.

The jury ordered Lil Wayne to pay Quincy $2,195,000. Quincy's countersuit alleged Lil Wayne wrongfully jock blocked the release of the film, screwing up its profit potential.

We broke the story ... Lil Wayne never showed up in court for his trial. The day he was supposed to testify he was a no-show because he had suffered several seizure-like episodes and was prohibited from flying. As a result, his lawyer was left to show the jury Wayne's deposition, in which he refuses to answer questions and mocks the proceeding.


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lol GOOD!!! There was nothing funny nor hilarious about his deposition. It just showed his total lack of respect for the judicial system and utter ignorance. Anyone with a brain would not think it was a good idea to mock court proceedings IN court. Now pay that man! clown!

724 days ago


Thats BS...that judge is a hater!!! Just confirms how 'them people' act towards rich dudes....smh..jealous

724 days ago


This age of music going back to about the mid 90s will be looked at as the worst ever time in music history only because the blacks took over and **** stain, drug addicted, baby making mommas like lil wayne is one of the main culprits.. So glad I have my own collection and intelligence and wasnt fooled by auto tune and no talent hacks.

724 days ago


Next up, uncle Sam will come calling ....

724 days ago


muhahaha...the fire is already burning...

724 days ago


Well deserved, next time he needs to respect the court system, if he can't remember anything and everything is stupid for him, he'll be treated as person with mental disabilities not able to speak for himself. Lesson learned.

724 days ago


Give him a break the only thing he knows is ho's and drugs. Seizure my ass...too many drugs...a face his mother can't even love!

724 days ago


I'm not shocked. He is a high paid thug that has been beat at his own game. Nice.

724 days ago


I'd be willing to bet a buck that this douche bag will drug seize himself into hell before he pays this judgement! Waste of taxpayers time and money.... and just a waste of human flesh! Get it over with already Lil STAIN!!!

724 days ago


Noe THAT'S entertainment. See? I knew he had it in 'em. I knew that if he would just be himself, he could do something entertainment related. He should be on his knees thanking God for the opportunity to become unjustly enriched by making a spectacle of himself in public. The only things missing are the guy with the grinder organ, tin cop and a place on the corner.

724 days ago


That's what happens when you act like an idiot. If he just would have acted like an adult and answered the questions properly when asked they could've and would have been able to be used in his absence. He can blame no one but himself.

724 days ago


So many of these rapper - athletes and various new money kneegrows fail to understand that eventually, there will be an asset frozen or bank garnishment forcing weazy to pay up! He will experience the wrath of a Jewish Lawyer up front and personal!

724 days ago


Parenthood,as we know it and it will be pay out of pocket and they do not believe in equal pay for women and men. They favor women NOT getting equal pay for equal work. They want to give elderly people VOUCHERS and this would mean that they would have to pay out of their pockets to get the best medical care. Why do these poor seniors like this, it is like some sort of CLEANSING-it is awful to not take care of our own. This will be like a third world country because most of the things Fought for like Freedoms that Martin Luther King died for will be WIPED OUT. It will be sad that long fought for freedoms could be washed away. No help with free lunches for the kids and this may be the only meal a child has is at school. If a person is in love with someone of their own gender then he is against Gay Rights. They want to make Abortion a Crime. and Enough Said, MY VOTE IS FOR OBAMA

Read more:

724 days ago


LOL... Yeah i saw that coming a mile away after seeing this ****ing child on tape acting stupid. You expect a judge and jury to rule in favor of you after that tape was put out?? Go take a long flight to no where, I'm sure you will feel better after that.

724 days ago


I like him better in jail......

724 days ago
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