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'X Factor'

Mario Jacked Khloe's Lines

Because of On Set Chaos

11/5/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1102-xfactor-khloe-kardashian-mario-lopezMario Lopez couldn't get enough of that teleprompter on "X Factor" this week, because he was reading Khloe Kardashian's lines and screwing her up in the process ... but sources tell us it wasn't his fault.

Sources connected with the show tell us Khloe got "really upset" because Mario jacked her lines several times, reading his lines and then reading some of hers ... and screwing up her timing in the process.

Khloe forced the issue with producers after Thursday's show, wondering aloud if he was doing it on purpose.  After a short discussion, it became clear to Khloe that Mario was on the up and up -- there were glitches in the production that confused everyone and things got a little out of control during the live broadcast.

Now here's what's really interesting.  Khloe has heard what we've been saying -- that producers were insane to make her read a teleprompter, because it robs her of her personality.  Fact is ... it's hard for a novice to read a prompter.

We're told Khloe is open to leaving the hosting duties to Mario, and taking on the personality-driven interviews without a teleprompter.

Sounds like a good idea to us.


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David it just me or does khloe like a transexual?

714 days ago


Of course she got upset as someone else, other than her, was getting more attention and airtime!!

714 days ago


Khloe's problem wasn't the teleprompter- it's that she doesn't have the experience and training needed for this job. She thinks she can just sail in and do it, but obviously she can't. Mario has long experience -he's been acting since he was a kid. He knows how to learn lines (and deal with teleprompters), how to work with others on set, and how to deal with glitches as they inevitably happen. Khloe hasn't bothered to get any kind of experience or training, she thinks she can just waltz in there and do it based on her "personality".

714 days ago


I agree. Let Mario be out front. Khloe is not that good. Her role should be in the background and not out on the main stage.

714 days ago


I don't know why they would hire that womanfukinizer for a family show. Khloe would do fine by herself. Mario has cheated on more women than all of halle berry's husbands put together. Get the TRASH OFF!

714 days ago


Seriously, not judging her because she's a kardashian, but anyone who watched the show (yeah, I was one of the fews) could see that she's a mix of a robot and a kind of annoying bully repeating the same questions to the contestants and judges over and over again. The fact that the show is a mess and the production is a cheap crap doesn't help either.

714 days ago


Producers of these shows are intelligent people and Mario Lopez has been a host long enough to not make mistakes like that. He was obviously told by producers to take her lines because she's not working out. I only saw a few minutes of this show one night and she kept touching the contestants and rubbing their backs. It was weird. I turned the channel.

714 days ago


It's too bad that they have chose her for the X Factor, as I refuse to watch anything with any member of THAT family in it. I started boycotting all things Kardashian after Kim made a mockery of marriage with her 72 day marriage. Although I LOVE Mario Lopez, It's just not enough to get me to watch something with a Kardashian in it.

714 days ago

Big D    

Is that why she sucked?

714 days ago


You would think Simon learned his lesson with the Dunkleman/ Seacrest experiment on season 1 of AI. But this one looks even worst because it looks all disorganized.

714 days ago

There's a problem here    

I guess she missed the college course on journalism and public speaking 101. Of course, in order to go to college you have to finish high school. My bad.

714 days ago


I was saying this to my wife both nights. Why not have Mario doing all of the on-stage work, and have Khloe be the backstage host. Mario was SMOKING her skill wise, and she would be much better unscripted backstage.

714 days ago


Khloe has been married for 2 1/2 years, she is not her sister. Kim's 72 marriage is long compared to Mario's 18 day marriage to Ali Landry, that he cheated on. Why not the backlash against him? As any job, it takes a while to get used to anything new. Give her time, she is famous, Iin Several tv shows, has a very successful perfume and clothing line, so why not give Hera chance! I don't get why all the hate,

714 days ago


Hmmmm how about it is just hard to read at all for these Kardashians. Another good reason the "mother" took the two younger ones out of school. Who cares if you can put two words together when you have money. Unless the sentence has "like" in it a few zillion times, they can't get through it.

714 days ago


She was letting the boobs speak for her last week. But since she was told to put them away she can't speak for herself. She was no longer the center of attention and since no one talked about her nipples showing she had nothing to come back with. If she can't talk sex like her sisters and mother do all the time then she has nothing to say. People are tired of the Karcrapians and don't want to support their life style anymore.

714 days ago
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