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'X Factor'

Mario Jacked Khloe's Lines

Because of On Set Chaos

11/5/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1102-xfactor-khloe-kardashian-mario-lopezMario Lopez couldn't get enough of that teleprompter on "X Factor" this week, because he was reading Khloe Kardashian's lines and screwing her up in the process ... but sources tell us it wasn't his fault.

Sources connected with the show tell us Khloe got "really upset" because Mario jacked her lines several times, reading his lines and then reading some of hers ... and screwing up her timing in the process.

Khloe forced the issue with producers after Thursday's show, wondering aloud if he was doing it on purpose.  After a short discussion, it became clear to Khloe that Mario was on the up and up -- there were glitches in the production that confused everyone and things got a little out of control during the live broadcast.

Now here's what's really interesting.  Khloe has heard what we've been saying -- that producers were insane to make her read a teleprompter, because it robs her of her personality.  Fact is ... it's hard for a novice to read a prompter.

We're told Khloe is open to leaving the hosting duties to Mario, and taking on the personality-driven interviews without a teleprompter.

Sounds like a good idea to us.


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DAILYMAIL-Kendall posing very awkwardly, looking very affected, artificial, phoney, not natural. Mother with her "joker like" smiling face. It's spreading, like the plague. Being a model is a stretch for the girl.

715 days ago


She is totally superfluous to this show. You've got that Mario guy who is dimply-competent at reading a teleprompter -- so why add the big, stupid, nipple-barring knucklehead??!! She brings nothing to the show!! Dump her!!!

715 days ago


She is a no body just like the rest of her family. And if people didn't watch their stupid reality tv show they could finally go away. Honestly when I hear someone talking about the Kardashians like they are family or close friends I want to say...hello you don't know them and its not REAL! As for her hosting the x factor who cares, thats a loser show too!

715 days ago


She looks like Teresa Giudice and Wendy Williams! All are bombastic!

715 days ago


She can't read so I guess she'll memorize lines that are her bubbly "personality"??? This should be delightful.

715 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Obama should be a host, he is good at reading a teleprompter.

714 days ago


I'm sorry, but even if Mario DIDN"T READ, Khloe's lines, what would be the excuse then? Mario is to blame for being a good host, a good personality and he's INTIMIDATING KHLOE?.
GTFOH, You couldn't wave a magic wand and make Khloe a personable host, EVER. It's about time America stands up and says "NO" to Kraptashian anything. Not only them, how about all the OTHER "REALITY" shows, Real housewives, BBW's, anything and everything where you know damn well it's SCRIPTED, Reality. That's what Wrestling is for "SCRIPTED, REALITY". At leas the storylines are believable along with the acting with Wrestling.

714 days ago


I did not know they had two men hosting the show. Hahaha I know that is a bad joke. What people get pissed about is how can a show hire someone like this with no talent. This is a sad day for TV when you hire a Kardashian to host a show.

714 days ago


Please someone get her off the X-Factor.... It was like her trying to read a cereal box it just ain't gonna happen. That was a train wreck.....And why is she sporting a mustache.

714 days ago


of course she places blame, dumb a$$ b$%ch doesn't belong on tv any more than I DO. And this is why I don't watch the crap!! Trash like her and her family, if thats what you call them.

714 days ago


hahahaha it may be a trick to get people to watch..... LMAO won't work on me, I only want to see their name in the news for getting out of our lives and off our TV!!!

714 days ago


I don't think Khloe should host anything. She is big and clumsy on stage. She doesn't seem to know what to do with her body, while she is on stage. As for rumors of her doing the interviews without the teleprompter, I think she should stay away from that, too, because she crowds the person out that she interviews by being touchy feely and huggy. She seems to be right in the person's face. It is just very annoying to watch her. Talent used to be a requirement for entertainment. If she can be a hostess, then ANYONE can. Why doesn't X Factor just pick a bum off the street to host the show? They would probably do just a good (or should I say, "horrible) job, and X Factor wouldn't have to pay him/her as much.

711 days ago


I think the next contestant should stay and America vote her off instead

693 days ago


Mario is awesome and has been in the entertainment industry since he's been a kid. He deserves this gig. But Sasquatch is a no talent hack opportunist. Sorry I know it's harsh but there's people who have worked very hard all their lives for a break in the industry who are much, much more qualified than she is. It's particularly uncomfortable watching her ask a sobbing contestant how they are feeling or talking over the judges or fumbling her lines. Maybe in time she will learn to read people's energy and connect with the show and audience as well as being able to read off a teleprompter. At the end of the day, good for her I suppose. I just feel bad for Mario who obviously is intercepting and saving her from her own inexperience and missteps. Hang in there, Mario!!

693 days ago

dipam shah    

All i have to say is i can find a few african villagers that look better than her sisters boyfriends and her boyfriend, but she wont take them, There not rich enough lol. Lamar 65 million dollar contract, plus another 36 from laker. mans worth a 100. Kanyes worth 300. Kims first ex was a big record producer worth like a 100. Kims mom Kris chased bruce jenners 100 million dollar fortune and robert kardashian came from a wealthy armenian family. They love the cash come on she chased Kris Humpries than found out **** kanye wants me hes got more cash. Everyone in the family has an odd one, and thats Kourtney she is with Scott whos considered a looser to the family, but general public i bet you the guy has a few million. Kim Kardashian omgggggg you so fine, but you so horny i dunno what to say

668 days ago
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