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Octomom's Son

I Need Protection

From Crazy Ex-Nanny!

11/5/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

's oldest son claims his ex-nanny is bizarrely obsessed with him and won't leave him alone -- and he just got a restraining order to keep her away ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs ... Gina Bryson has been incessantly harassing 11-year-old Elijah Solomon with phone calls and text messages.

Sources close to Octo tell us, she fired Gina over the summer -- and that's when Gina allegedly began her campaign of psycho calls and texts.

The docs accuse Gina of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media -- including a story about him sexually molesting his younger sisters, and a story that he watches porn.

A judge has prohibited Gina from going within 100 yards of Elijah, or contacting him in any way.

We're told Octo is in the process of filing additional restraining order requests for two other children whom Gina's allegedly been harassing as well.


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its always every one elses fault - nannies, postman, assistants etc..... how about the 1 common denominator -- octo herself - she is the cray cray - they need to take those kids away from her!

716 days ago


I'm no fan of Suliman, BUT TMZ you owe it to her to to make it more visible that the original story was created by a crazed woman who's obsessed with the child in the story - you can't tell from this headline, and you need to own up to the way this info changes the original story you made such a big deal over!

716 days ago


This is yet another ridiculous attempt by Nadya and her unscrupulous manager Gina Rodriguez (porn circles call her Demi Delia) to whitewash Nadya's already long tarnished reputation. Gina Bryson, with Nadya's full consent, took care of the children for at least 3 weeks during last summer, and from video and photos the kids looked happy healthy and nourished. It was apparent they were not being cared for by Octo, because then they were ragged undernourished frightened looking waifs. Gina Bryson was a witness to the drunken, sloppy, nasty neglect of the kids by Octo, and when the kids made it clear they didn't want to go back to Octo, she got jealous. This is revolting, many people have long since known what an unfit parent she is. CPS probably has a file on her ten feet high. It figures that they are using Elijah for this latest pawn, this poor kid has been more than damaged by his mentally ill mother.
My stomach is sick with this crap.

716 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

And yet the system isn't doing anything to protect the brood from Nadia (or whatever weird way she spells it) FAIL !

716 days ago


Why is she a Celebrity?

716 days ago

There's a problem here    

I noticed only a few people were commenting on what I thought was the most bizarre part of this story, the fact that the 11 year old has his own cellphone? Oh please don't tell me that is one of those handout phones that I'm paying for. Please don't.

716 days ago


Just more Octoturd lies.

716 days ago


Ummm, I would expect that this being TMZ there would be screenshots of these harassing texts and you know Nadya would be the first to sell them (she allowed her stupid food stamp card to be put up here) Nadya you are a nasty piece of work, if GinaB was such a terrible person why did you leave the octoplets with her for three weeks??? And you never paid her a dime so how can you say you fired her?? You are sickening Natalie Doud. How do you look at yourself in the mirror without gagging?

716 days ago


I'll make a deal with ya, TMZ. You go to the court case at the end of the month and report the TRUTH of what happens in court. If Gina Rodriguez and Octomom can prove "incessant" calls and messages, I'll stop posting.

716 days ago


It would be one thing if Suleman and GinaR were fighting to help the kids but they're not..just want to make money off the children.
For all the pro Nadya people on here, would you let your children go stay in that house for a weekend? I would hope not. Are you sending money to help the
Team Suleman is just doing this to keep Nadya's face in the press..she has no work, doesn't want to work.

716 days ago


I just have to say to Octomom and her "take it up the azz" manager, Gina Rodriguez, it's pretty low to use a kid to try to discredit a person (probably the only one the kids have known) who really cares about those kids.

716 days ago


Gina Bryson is a HERO and the ONLY ONE trying to help those children. She should be given a parade, not a hard time.

716 days ago


This is actually excellent news in the long run for Gina Bryson. She now has grounds to sue for slander and drag both Nadya Suleman and the instigator of alll this Gina Rodriguez in to an open court. The faster this breaks open, the better for Gina Bryson and all those trapped kids.

And what the public might find out then is really going to get those poor kids away from a world of neglect and porn and into a loving family.
Way to go Nadya Suleman . The only family in America who stepped up for free, willing and able to take on all 8 babies and you do what you can to keep that from happening.

This is SO going to backfire on Suleman and Rodriguez.
Who are obviously desperate for an immediate and short term payday. That will never come.

......Talk about never working in this town again.

716 days ago


This story reeks of desperation by Nadya and Gina Rodriguez. They are running scared and will make up any lie to try to discredit Gina B, who never did anything wrong and has said nothing but the truth. The red flag here: if Gina B. or anyone else was harassing Elijah by phoning and texting him, why didn't Nadya just CHANGE HIS PHONE NUMBER?

Also, Gina B.'s number would have shown up on any incoming call/text to Elijah -- if he didn't want to hear from her, why didn't he and Nadya just just block her number?

And where are all these alleged voicemails and texts to Elijah from Gina B. anyway? Can Nadya produce them all in court? Or is this another case like the "death threat note" she claimed to have found in her car, but then she couldn't produce the note for the police because she "couldn't find it"?

Nadya has a history of being paranoid about caregivers she thinks are "obsessed" with her children. Remember back in 2009 when she accused the Angels in Waiting nurses of plotting to take the octuplet babies away? Nadya even made up a wild story about one of the nurses threatening to put a baby in her oversize handbag and kidnap it. Those nurses were only trying to help care for the delicate premature babies, but Nadya hated them from day one because she was convinced they were "spying" on her. She turns on everyone who tries to help the children, regardless of whether they are volunteering their services or whether she pays them.

716 days ago


Another lie from Octocamp in the hopes the public will forget about the abuse and neglect claims made by MULTIPLE sources. The only order of protection those 14 children need is from their birthing unit.

716 days ago
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