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Octomom's Son

I Need Protection

From Crazy Ex-Nanny!

11/5/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

's oldest son claims his ex-nanny is bizarrely obsessed with him and won't leave him alone -- and he just got a restraining order to keep her away ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs ... Gina Bryson has been incessantly harassing 11-year-old Elijah Solomon with phone calls and text messages.

Sources close to Octo tell us, she fired Gina over the summer -- and that's when Gina allegedly began her campaign of psycho calls and texts.

The docs accuse Gina of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media -- including a story about him sexually molesting his younger sisters, and a story that he watches porn.

A judge has prohibited Gina from going within 100 yards of Elijah, or contacting him in any way.

We're told Octo is in the process of filing additional restraining order requests for two other children whom Gina's allegedly been harassing as well.


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This woman is whacked in the head and you all have got to stop paying attention to her. If you stop she will go away and fade into the abis from whence she came!

715 days ago


Well now, I don't know about anyone else but this story is HIGHLY suspicious. If you ever wondered if Octomut and her Manager are reading her threads, here you have it.
I find it strange that since she went to rehab that our select posters have been filling us in with the "TRUTH" about what's really happening. It just so happens this past weekend on the last Octomut threat then someone posted Gina Bryson's full name and what a wonderful thing she did in taking care of the tups this past summer so that Octomut could make the rounds and NOT have any responsibilities and this morning, bright and early, we find out that shortly after that a TRO was filed? How easy is it to file a TRO, do they need proof with Texts and voicemail or just have the kid show up and claim she's harrassing him?
Something stinks in the State of TMZ land and it's not just Octomut's last house. Where is the do***ented proof TMZ, you should have had that by now, you do with everyone else?
I hope Gina Bryson is in the L.A. Courts as we speak filing a defamation/Slander charge against both these women, and TMZ. I love this site but hello, Gina Bryson isn't a celebrity, hell, she's not even a paid Nanny to the stars yet you thought nothing to post this crap up here. I guess we'll see soon enough, huh?

715 days ago


Shoot the bitch!

715 days ago

victor gibson    

I think Octo Mom is a beautiful woman. She could have focussed more on fewer children but it is what it is now. I think most people are self righteous aceholes who could care less for anyone else's plight and just like to judge and point fingers. Some of us out here think your alright octomom and your pretty beautiful too.

715 days ago

Brian Glubok    

I'd still bang the brainless, brunette bimbo. But her stupid son couldn't watch.

715 days ago


I thought Octomom was in rehab??

715 days ago


The poor dear. It gets harder and harder to sleaze your way through life. The fame just becomes unbearable. Who's going to make up the next crisis for you?

715 days ago


this women is a nut the kids should be taken away from her before one of them is hurt. this should have be done in the beginning .has no $$$$$$ always looking for someone to give a hand out.....give the kids a breat at life. with a neww family that cares.....

715 days ago


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715 days ago


why does an 11 year old have a cel phone.?

715 days ago


False accusations? Are you sure? He is one of what is it 14 kids. This boy does not have a normal life and does not have a normal mother. He has no father figure in his life and he is pushing puberty. His m other makes pornographic movies. I surely hope they are doing some investigating into the allegations of his sex abuse of his siblings, and what he has access to watch at home on the computer. I would not be so quick to assume this is false accusations. Those kids should not be raised by that woman she is unstable .

715 days ago


with that many kids give her a brake

715 days ago


The real tragedy here is that 14 innocent kids have a moron for a mother. They will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. She is a waste of human flesh and it is sickening to know that she is in charge of these kids.

715 days ago


I would not be a bit surprised if what the nanny says is true. I mean look what they have for a mom? A self centered, gold digging, stripper!

715 days ago

Trish 131107    

I don't approve of so many things that Octo has done, but she is standing up for her children to someone who is trying to ruin her family and am proud of her.

715 days ago
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