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Octomom's Son

I Need Protection

From Crazy Ex-Nanny!

11/5/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

's oldest son claims his ex-nanny is bizarrely obsessed with him and won't leave him alone -- and he just got a restraining order to keep her away ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs ... Gina Bryson has been incessantly harassing 11-year-old Elijah Solomon with phone calls and text messages.

Sources close to Octo tell us, she fired Gina over the summer -- and that's when Gina allegedly began her campaign of psycho calls and texts.

The docs accuse Gina of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media -- including a story about him sexually molesting his younger sisters, and a story that he watches porn.

A judge has prohibited Gina from going within 100 yards of Elijah, or contacting him in any way.

We're told Octo is in the process of filing additional restraining order requests for two other children whom Gina's allegedly been harassing as well.


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Wait, she can't afford to feed her children without assistance but her son has a cell phone?

714 days ago


Geez, the octomom is ugly. She is liable to trip on her lips.

714 days ago


And so, Suleman is NOT in rehab...She is in Tennessee, filming slop. Gina R has had her twitter account suspended for posting publicly, and repeatedly a private phone number and address on twitter....

714 days ago


So Suleman is NOt in rehab...she is in Tennesee filming ... what is no doubt slop.

714 days ago



But I can just hear the spin - - Planned before rehab, Facility gave permission to go - - for a lousy $1,500, air fare and a room at the Econolodge! Geez, they couldn't come up with a Best Western or Holiday Inn? Bwahahahahaha

714 days ago


I believe the kid is a pervert just like his fugly mother.

714 days ago


Swami is going to predict the next fake bombshell produced by Octoho and Hershey Highway Rodriguez: In a couple of day, Nutya will have a "breakthrough" in therapy and tearfully declare to any media that will listen that she was molested as a young girl by her father, Half-Dead Ed. She will claim that this, and not her being an only child of a cold hearted mother, is the reason she had so many children. She wanted to recapture the innocence of her youth before Hairy Eddy piped it away from her fragile psyche. Mark my words people- this will be her next move in a ploy for public donations and a reality show. You read it HERE first.

714 days ago


What kind of reputable rehab has a former anal porn queen as their PR agent/agency??? The same "agent" as Michael Lohan, Joey Butta****o, etc. Grade "Z" listers only as clients?? GR media state they take only high profile clients...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! GR media has now made a laughing stock out of this rehab. I certainly wouldn't send my child or any family member there!!! With a PR agent who was the anal porn queen with Wicked Pictures?? They may be doing something funny with my family member behind closed doors...!!

713 days ago


WOW, those poor kids don't stand a chance! Crazy ex nanny, crazy octomom, yikes! I really feel for those kids.

713 days ago


It sounds like you know Gina B. I'm glad she is taking a stand and helping the tups. she appears to be a wonderful, big hearted person who stepped forward to help some innocent children.
I feel if those kids are not taken away soon, Octo is gonna kill them. I think she is looney enough to kill them and herself if she doesn't get her way, that being the center of attention.
CPS doesn't seem to want to do anything and that is very scary. The only hope these kids have is Gina B and people like her.

712 days ago


She is holey...get it? It`s really funny!!! Just got the joke last night....

710 days ago

Richard McMahon    

I wouldn't ay a dime to see your kids video. Your disgusting. Start your kids college fund from your porno money and get the hell out of Palmdale.. Tired hearing about you. Your gross, fish mouth. By the way,get a new plastic surgeon, your lips are all screwed up.

699 days ago

Richard McMahon    

I wouldnt pay a dime for your kids stupid video. Put your porno money in the bank for their college fund. By the way, get a new plastic surgeon, your mouth is all screwed up. You look like a sucker fish. Or maybe that's from the porno acts you've done. Haha. And please move from Palmdale, we don't want you up here.

699 days ago


The TRO was dismissed by a judge on Friday. Octoho lost.

689 days ago

sana mujahid    

Nanny gone postal! How long did it take? All them kids!

601 days ago
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