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Sophia Bush

Non-Voters Should Be


11/5/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomorrow is the election ... and if you don't vote, you should be ASHAMED of yourself ... this according to former "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush.

Bush isn't shy when it comes to politics ... she's a huge Obama supporter ... and even had lunch with the President back in June.

But on her way out of The Sayers Club in L.A. this weekend, the 30-year-old actress made it clear ... she has no tolerance for people who don't exercise their constitutional right to vote.

So, we gotta ask ...


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And who are you to judge someone who doesn't like either candidate? Go f*ck yourself, I will do whatever i want and you can do whatever you want with your sh*tty vote.

720 days ago

In Depth News    

There really needs to be more competition to Hollywood or Media for the sake of the Industries . The creativity or story line of many in Hollywood is becoming the leftist democrat party line or slander of that day (example portraying the USA military as villains under Bush or promoting the oppressive health care 2010 )...The competition to hollywood would allow individual creativity (regardless if the creator believes in gun rights , gay marriage, no politics , free spirit comedy, etc , etc).."

Political favors for Hollywood or Media , has been a trade mark for the leftist democrats , for many years , based on Hollywood and Media establishing a cheap populist culture that will mass power to the state (their statist democrat party , that is) and degrades individual expression (via liberty).........

Many people Now understand that the Hard Left Democrats have Exploited the Historic Nature of the Obama Presidency to Pass the controversial nationalized health and finance control bills 2010 , which are political bias bills that deny individual liberties (Read Bills for Reference). The Bills themselves is a road that consolidates power to the Leftist politicians , organizations, leftist media & hollywood, committees, finance institutions, or unions .

Note: When the left talks about Women Rights , they must mean Women have a Right to be Controlled by other women they never meet (via new health control laws) . Women want freedom just like men .

"With the new nationalized health care (passed by the left wing) you do Not have a right to your own body , the government new mandate insures that . Your body is collective to the health system and you need to comply with their dictates , which is the loss of individual liberty."

720 days ago


She should be ashamed of herself for her oppressive attitude. She's such a moron she doesn't realize that a lot of us have no one to vote for. I bet American Idol gets more votes than the Presidential election. There is no good option for the majority. Both candidates are liars and are playing the game. People are starving in this country but we just spent a billion dollars on advertising so people could slander each other. Sofia Bush needs to shut her no no hole.

720 days ago


Voting is a joke. Remember 2000. Bush hijacked the election. It was a farce. But ppl must have forgotten that.

Mission Accomplished!

720 days ago


the day my vote actually counts i will vote. which that decision is solely MINE to CHOOSE since that is MY RIGHT as an American!!

720 days ago


the day my vote actually counts i will vote. which that decision is solely MINE to decide since that is MY RIGHT as an American!!

720 days ago


LOL We are doomed, I am willing to bet the person mentioned in the article doesn't even know who Valerie Jarrett is and BO's former party. And the commenter who thinks Romney would set us back 50 years, how? If he could actually get us out of the trillions in debt BO and his cohorts put us in then that would be a good thing. But I am no fan of Romney and no one is going to be able to stop it when the piper demands payment, I am afraid.

719 days ago


Stick to acing ... Slut

719 days ago


While I totally agree that people need to get out and vote, I don't think she's too bright to be voting for Obama. But then again she is rich, she doesn't understand how the last four years have been for the average american

719 days ago


Already voted, wow the lines were long took hours just to make it inside to vote.

719 days ago


I hope 56% of TMZ readers aren't voting. Better yet I hope 75% of TMZ readers don't vote, just for good measure.

719 days ago

arale norimaki    

to mitt the twit when are you ever going to learn? that sliver spoon in your mouth gives you ideals! Above your position. If you weren't such an i di ot you probably will have won and what make it worse. Is you can't even see that! you call forty-seven percent of the citizenry shiftless moochers and still hope to win the presidency. Tax policy is made up of small mystical creatures and health problems are already solved through the miracle of .emergency rooms! Romney is headed back to his home in New Hampshire in January and Obama will become the President again.Obama will be reelected in a close election, with the results delayed because of recounts or delayed election results and that the Democrats will stay a majority in the Senate

719 days ago


I guess Sophia Bush doesn't mind that 47 million people are on food stamps, millions are still out of a job, a record number of children go to bed hungry every night, Americans were killed by terrorists in Libya and Obama still lies to the American people about it. The reason we were in a war was because of 9/11, people forget so soon. Obama had a chance and he failed. Let's give Romney a chance. At least he knows how the economy works.

719 days ago


i Agree, There is NO Excuse NOT To Vote, Even if you DON'T have the time to read the 10 Long Pages To Vote, Yes in Florida is 10 Long Pages that you have to Fill out to Vote Completely, But, Good News, in the FIRST Page you see OBAMA / BIDEN and IF you DON'T have the time to Fill out anything else just Fill out OBAMA / BIDEN and you are done, Hey that's better than nothing.......

719 days ago


Who's gonna win?


Total Votes: 105,660... *Poll Results

719 days ago
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