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Terry Bradshaw

I'm NOT a Racist ...

But JJ Does LOVE Chicken

11/5/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1105-terry-bradshaw-jimmy-johnson-chickenTerry Bradshaw is "really upset" he's being accused of racism after comparing a Reggie Bush TD run to someone chasing a "bucket of chicken" ... but tells TMZ there's a simple explanation -- Jimmy Johnson is a freak for chicken!

We just spoke to FOX NFL analysts Johnson and Bradshaw ... who said he was unaware there was any controversy until friends started calling him this morning.

Bradshaw explained it's a Sunday tradition for JJ to order a bucket of KFC after they wrap the pregame show -- and yesterday was no exception. Bradshaw says Johnson "won't share it with anybody" ... and everyone on set rips him for it.

Johnson backed up the bucket tale ... telling us, "Every Sunday I get 4 pieces of fried chicken, dark meat, and I eat it right there on the set."

Bradshaw tells us yesterday's chicken comment was an innocent shot at one of his co-stars ... something he commonly does during highlights.

TB says, "I'm having a hard time with this ... because that's not me. I never put those two things together because I don't think like that."

But Bradshaw adds, "I understand why people are upset because they don't know the inside story."

For his part, Johnson is sure there was no racist intent -- and tells us, "I love fried chicken. A lot of people love fried chicken, so what's the big deal?"

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No Avatar


Get OVER yourselves...everything can be taken out of context.

688 days ago


I cannot believe how big of hypocrites this staff is. You post this thread, then on TMZ live some of you rip Bradshaw for the comment calling it "RACIST" yet in the same breath you are vilifying Chris Christie for his weight and cracking fried chicken jokes. I guess it's all right when a bunch of white guys rip another white guy HUH? How about Charles, NOT being white laughing and commenting about Christie and Fried chicken?

688 days ago


Before you say that Terry Bradshaw made a Racist Comment on fox, first !!! take a look at your own crew Harvey. You have a white potty mouth and Charles has a black potty mouth and this includes all the members of your crew. Guys, get over it that the world has to be Politically correct, this is the problem in this world , don’t be some “dekucf” Thicken your skin this will solve the world problems. One more things, your commentator on your show must offend people. If I was governor Christy, I would lose my temper one more time at TMZ about the short and fat statement. All TMZ help do is promote potty mouths. Are the Black folks, not touchable, get over it black people you live in the so called real world of the United States !! HA HA

688 days ago


"Johnson backed up the bucket tale ... telling us, "Every Sunday I get 4 pieces of fried chicken, dark meat, and I eat it right there on the set."

Oh geesch! He WOULD have to specify "dark meat" as if the rest wasn't already enough.
That said, I think it's hilarious! Anybody who knows Terry Bradshaw knows he a harmless happy fellow and definately NOT a racist. Honestly, some folks have to lighten up with this "false outrage". Sometimes folks ought to take a joke as just that, a joke.

688 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Forget the bogus racist business. A few years ago Jimmy Johnson had surgery to repair a bum heart. And now he's eating 4 pieces of dark meat fried chicken every week? Come on Jimmy, don't clog up your cleared up blood pipes!

688 days ago


They better leave Terry Bradshaw alone! If they try to do anything to Terry you'll hear a cry so loud around the sports world that it would be simply overwhelming!!!

688 days ago


They loooovee Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan. In fact, it is the preferred holiday meal, straight from the Colonel. He prepares side dishes designed for the Japanese tastes.

688 days ago


I'm black and I am NOT upset at all over this, nor have I heard of any of my friends being upset at a harmless comment by a man who I just couldn't imagine being anyway racist.

688 days ago


Im in aus, and don't understand the chicken reference at all? I thought everyone loved fried chicken...

688 days ago


TMZ is stirring up this kind of a debate because this is what keeps them in business. That reminds me-I need to find something more important to do then waste any more time here....

688 days ago


people are just too sensative these days.to even suggest bradshaw made a racist statement is ignorance. lighten up people

688 days ago


I didn't know that only blacks eat chicken. I'll have to stop going to KFC. Wait...the Colonel Sanders was white, now I'm confused.

Should I stop eating watermelon?

688 days ago


Has anybody ever driven around south central LA? You can't drive 2 blocks on a main street without passing a fried chicken joint (Louisiana Fried Chicken restaurants are particularly abundant. And really tasty). Some stereotypes are stereotypes because they're totally true.

688 days ago


Doesn't anyone know that white people aren't allowed to like chicken? It couldn't be tied to racism if they were.

688 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What goes wrong in these situations is, people like to group words and feelings and complaints of racial hurts that are directed to all Blacks. We are individuals and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are not our army of gods. Most of us learned a long time ago that the world is better with forgiveness, but we as a whole need people to stop blaming a race of people instead of the few who cry like the gay right groups everytime someone pisses them off.

687 days ago
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