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Terry Bradshaw

Bush "Chasing Chicken"

Adlib Was Bad Inside Joke

11/5/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Terry Bradshaw made the biggest fumble in the NFL on Sunday when he compared Reggie Bush TD run to "chasing a bucket of chicken" -- but the jaw-dropping comment was intended to be an inside joke ... TMZ has learned.

Hall of Famer Bradshaw was describing Reggie's play during yesterday's halftime highlights show on FOX NFL Sunday -- when he spewed, "Look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day."

Sources who were inside the FOX studio yesterday ... tell TMZ Terry was not trying to insult African-American Reggie -- but instead was taking a shot at fellow FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson.

We're told the entire cast and crew has always busted on JJ -- on and off air -- for his love of fried chicken ... and that's why TB called out Jimmy during his comment.

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


fact only a racist person would think this is racist.they see a black man running.hear bradshaw say chasing a chicken.meaning the ones who think it is racist believe that all blacks like chicken

626 days ago


Listen white people like fried chicken as well. Its not just black people that will run down a giant bucket of chicken.

626 days ago


Thats like a inbred chasing his sister down by the swamp!! Chasing a bucket a chicken? Whats the difference, they are both running fast!!

626 days ago


He should've thought before he spoke, and he should apologize for saying something with racist connotations, but I think it was an innocent mistake.

626 days ago


why the heck does everyone have to be so sensitive? put your big girl/big boy panties on and worry about something more profound. if it bothers you so much then i hope you look in the mirror real hard and ask yourself if you could be accused of something like this. the answer will be yes no matter how "holier than thou" you think you are. we all say or do things others would not like or approve of. chill.

626 days ago


You forgot a 3rd option:

Dont really care?

626 days ago


I draw my comment from a experience that happened between Mr. Bradshaw and a family member. He is a nice man and would probably give you the shirt of his back. I think this was just a mistake, and I am sure he is extremely saddened if anyone took it the wrong way.

626 days ago


bradshaw has nothing to apologize about.he simply said it looked like he was chasing a chicken.only the people with racist thinking minds thought it was racists.they heard chicken and saw a black man meaning the ones who think it is racist are the racists themselves

626 days ago


It definitely didn't come out sounding quite right. He should have said that it looked like JIMMY JOHNSON chasing down a bucket of fried chicken, but I 100% believe that he had no racist intentions.

626 days ago


We let Bill Maher get away with saying anything he wants. We let any entertainer say anything if they are a comedian or black but when it comes to a white person from the south he is always called a racists. I used to say run like you stole something doeas that mean I am racist? Get over it Terry Bradshaw is the furthest thing from a racists.

626 days ago


It was a statement that could be seen as insensitive. But it was clearly not motivated by any sort of racial prejudice.
In all his years of playing with, working with, traveling with, and later reporting with and on people of all creeds and colors, there hasn't been one incident from his past that would reveal any sort of bias, against anyone.
If anything isn't the fact that a kid from the Deep South can grow up and see nothing wrong with talking about a black man chasing down a bucket of chicken on live TV... isn't all that a real sign of progress in race relations?

626 days ago


Making this racist is just plain BS. Everyone knows that blacks like chicken and they even say so every time they can. I am white and I also love chicken, but does that make me a racist, no. I was watching the tv when Reggie made that run and some of my black friends and each and every one of them thought that was so funny, not one of them said it was racist. It's the news media and the true racist's that divide this Country. Terry is no more of a Racist than Joel Olsteen is, come on now Terry loves everyone and it shows every time he's on tv.

626 days ago


Totally innocent. Come on, man! Terry is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

626 days ago

Mr CG    

I believe Bradshaw is an undercover, almost out of the closet racist and parasite. My question has always been: how much cocaine did he facilitate to Junior Gilliam, so he could get him out of the way to take over the starting QB job in Pittsburgh? I do not trust Bradshaw!

626 days ago


Bad timing, nuff said. Move on people, live tv/internet will get ya' everytime. BTW, fried chicken is the bomb!

626 days ago
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