TMZ Live Sam Worthington Arrest Dodged Bouncer Beatdown

11/5/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Sam Worthington Arrest -- Narrowly Dodged Bouncer Beatdown

TMZ Live

"Avatar" star Sam Worthington went toe-to-toe with a massive bouncer just before getting arrested outside an Atlanta bar, at least according to the bouncer ... who called in to talk about Sam's strange behavior.

Plus, Richie Sambora dropped in to talk Hurricane Sandy relief, his new album, his daughter (with Heather Locklear) breaking into acting, and ... guitar lessons for Harvey???

Also, if Gov. Chris Christie's thinking about a presidential run in 2016 ... we've got bad news: America doesn't elect fat candidates! We tried to find one in the last century, but no dice. Not-so-deep down ... are we all fattists?
(0:00) We talk to the bouncer whom Sam Worthington allegedly assaulted in Atlanta last night -- and the guy smells something fishy about how the case was already tossed out.
(5:30) Jessica Simpson's dad Joe is NOT gay -- he swears.
(8:40) R. Kelly is still selling-out concerts -- Harvey can't believe people overlook that whole (alleged) peeing on an underage girl incident.
(14:00) Paulina Rubio has a lot of compliments about her ex-husband -- because she's trying to convince a judge that he capable enough not to rely on her for money.
(18:10) Legendary guitarist Richie Sambora is in the office! He stops by to talk about his hurricane relief efforts, the pros and cons about how "American Idol" makes nobodies into immediate stars, and what it's like to write a song that is loved all over the world.
(25:10) Terry Bradshaw says Reggie Bush's touchdown run looked like he was chasing a bucket of chicken ... which sounds super racist ... until Terry explains.
(29:10) The big argument of the day -- could an obese person win the presidency?
(34:00) Why isn't "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips helping his family save their pawn shop?
(37:30) The Backstreet Boys shoot a video for their new Christmas song this weekend in Ananheim (Two things: It's November ... and 94 degrees there).
(39:00) The floor is yours!