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Lil Wayne

I Got Screwed by the Judge

And a Pissed Off Jury

11/6/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106_lil_wayne_article_tmz_2Lil Wayne is pissed off that he lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III ... not because of the money, but because he thinks the judge should have given him time to recover from his illness so he could have made his case to the jury.
Wayne is telling his boys he's positive jurors were "pissed off" because he didn't show up and testify.

Wayne says he could have turned jurors and convinced them that Quincy's documentary on him was defamatory.  He's also convinced the jury would never have awarded Quincy more than $2 mil for lost profits as a result of Wayne trashing the flick.

But the big thing is ... Wayne says he was sick, couldn't fly to L.A. and was dealing with a "medical emergency situation."

But he's leaving out one important fact.  He wasn't so sick he couldn't take his tour bus from Louisiana to Miami to sit courtside for the Heat game.

As for the $2 mil -- Wayne's brushing it off because he says that's small change to him.


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Loser loses and whines. Proves he is a loser.

661 days ago


The ugly little midget won't think 2 million is such chump change when he is filing for bankruptcy in a few years.

661 days ago


BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! i still can't stop laffing at this idiot!!

661 days ago


though i wish he had drove his tour bus back to los angeles for court - thru texas!!!!!!!!!

661 days ago


you screwed yourself you ugly mutha phka....just another bastard blaming someone else for his actions...damn i hope the doctor punched his mother right in the face for having such an ugly child! theres ugly...but this dude is the meaning of FUGLY

661 days ago


Aww poor lil homo , gotta pay up lil wayne lol 2 milli 2 milli , what a idiot you must feel like !

661 days ago


TMZ...why do you bother doing stories on this fool...!!

661 days ago


Wayne? It's not like you had pneumonia. You claim to have had seizures. Unless your seizures are intractable and occur many times a day you would usually recover within a day even from the grand mal, big ones. If you are claiming to have seizures someone should have schooled you about them so you could at least sound like you knew what you were talking about. You probably have some type of metal poisoning from all that disgusting food catcher work you have in that freaky mouth.

661 days ago


Little boy better start washing dishes, cause he aint got no 2 mil sittin around fo sho. Dipsh*t!

661 days ago

S b Fitch    

Ask him 20 years from now if it's still small change when he's delivering for a dry cleaners.

661 days ago


You screwed yourself. If you had taken the deposition seriously, you might have had a better chance. But, nooooooooooooooo. You had to act like an idiot. You got what you deserve. Live with it.

661 days ago


No worries, this little troll will spend his wad before he's 40 and have nothing to piss in.

661 days ago


Who gives a s h i t beacuse you were sick get off the prescription pills and alcohol then maybe you won't have seizures you ignorant idiot. As far as court goes good f u c k your money lil whiner everybody else has to deal with the court red tape now I'm glad you did too finally about time f u c k celeberties that get nothing in court we all know they get favoritism.

661 days ago


why should you care about some black guy from the hoodd that makes too much money when people have lost homes they have worked thier whole lives for

661 days ago


if they were passing out joints and purple drank at the courthouse, you know his ass would have been there with bells on...

661 days ago
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