Phillip Phillips I LOVE MY FAMILY But ...

11/6/2012 6:13 AM PST

Phillip Phillips -- I Love My Family, BUT ...


Phillip Phillips might consider a career in boxing ... 'cause when we asked about the rift in his family yesterday, the "American Idol" champ bobbed and weaved like he was Mike friggin' Tyson.

Phillips had just arrived at LAX yesterday when we asked him why he's refusing to help out his financially-struggling family ... which has been forced to sell the family pawn shop. 

Phillips couldn't have been nicer when we asked the question ... but did everything he could to deflect.

For example -- "I have no comment ... but my album's coming out soon."

Ultimately, Phillip told us he loves his family, but wouldn't get into details about the situation on the home front.

But seriously ... INCREDIBLE deflection job.