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Kim Kardashian

Has Kanye Wrapped

Around Her Ring Finger

11/7/2012 5:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1107_kimk_kw_ring_INFIt may not be an engagement ring, but Kim Kardashian did oh-so nonchalantly flash some gold finger bling with Kanye West's initials as she arrived to the airport in Miami on Tuesday.

Despite putting a ring on it, Kim is still a single lady ... for now.


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"Despite putting a ring on it, Kim is still a single lady ... for now."


She's still married to Kris Humphries.

684 days ago


look at those Jimmy Deans

684 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Nice herpes sore on her

684 days ago


All about nothing celeb

684 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This is no lady! It's a cheap over exposed, no class no shame trollop

684 days ago


What is she, 12? She is such an immature woman...and like everyone else... I am waiting for the day we never have to see her face again!

684 days ago


He tagged her,she is his, he can have her, I'm sure that is what her HUSBAND is saying

684 days ago


Don't try to understand 'em
Just rope, spur, and brand 'em

684 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

What we have to look forward to, is a Honeymoon SEX TAPE with her and Kanye rolling around together, having all kinds of sex, natural an animal like !! Then sell it to their SICK fans and TMZ for $$$$

684 days ago


Its very hard to look at this girl because I have absolutely NO respect for her. Shes extremely immature with that stupid ring. It amazes me how often Kim gives her siblings advise. Kim has absolutely NO BUSINESS giving ANYBODY advise with the mess she is making out of her life and the HUGE JOKE that she has become. She has made some extremely bad choices like making a sex tape with her then boyfriend that went public and her joke of a marriage (I just wanna have a great big expensive wedding so everybody will look at me and pick out all the special things I want including what my boyfriend will wear to the wedding). She never even really gave their relationship time. They date a few months then boom - theyre engaged! Then immediately began planning the wedding even before they really got to know each other and more important, before they decided even where they were going to live. Kim just assumed Kris would be moving to LA cause God Forbid she be away from her "way, way too close family". Then we see the relationship fall apart as soon as they get married. She is a desperate woman. Shes desperate to get married and then have a baby. Shes mad because she was not the first to marry. And shes got to be extremely jealous of Khloe and the great relationship her and Lamar have. Khloe is a pretty cool girl and she has a whole lot more sense and class than Kim will ever have. And now shes dating the biggest jerkoff in the music world . . .the idiot Kanye who is a chipmunk cheek, butt-ugly a**hole. Shes now in Paris Hiltons category. Rich girl with no class or brains who constantly makes herself look like a complete fool. Hey TMZ, take your assenine comment about Osama . . . I mean Obama and shove it up your azzes. As stupid a comment as I have ever heard! No wonder Harvey cant find a woman. Oh, thats right, hes a ***. LOL.

684 days ago


A little "aside," here: I wish Kim had not listened to what's-his-name, and let him change her wardrobe.
Classy, before, but now? Total slut clothes. 'Man has no taste.

684 days ago


It's getting to the point that I honestly think Kim needs some psychological help. Her actions since hooking up with Kanye boarders on insanity. She's a married woman who is no close to a divorce than she was months ago when all this foolishness with Kanye started. She travels around the world dressing like a hideous overweight Z-list celebrity desperately trying to hang on to whatever it is she thinks she still has.

Now she's flaunting some sort of ridiculous ring to make us beileve it has something to do with her and Kanye getting married. These two are old news and they are boring. I have made my last comment on this site about these two nitwits.

684 days ago


This doesnt seam like a healthy relationship. He seams to be awfully obsessed with her and has been for some time. You know how crazy men can get when the womens affections wears off. Star 80 anyone?

684 days ago


What is she? 7 yrs old. Who gets up in the morning when they are 30+ putting on a friendship ring with your "boyfriend's" initials. How juvenile. Grow up.

684 days ago


Maybe that ring is a test. It's awfully ugly. Maybe he wanted to see if she would wear it.

684 days ago
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