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Lindsay Lohan's Asst.

Ratted Her Out to Cops

... Lindsay WAS Driving!!!

11/7/2012 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant rolled on her when he spoke to cops after her car accident on Pacific Coast Highway last June, and that's a big reason why she will be prosecuted ... TMZ has learned.

Cops interviewed Lindsay's assistant Gavin shortly after the crash -- at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated -- and according to law enforcement sources, he told police he was riding shotgun when the accident occurred ... and Lindsay was driving.

As you know, Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in her Porsche, but authorities don't believe her and she will be charged with the crime of lying to cops.

Gavin's statement dovetails with the account of the truck driver Lindsay hit -- he also claimed he saw Lindsay behind the wheel.


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Wait....wait...hey guys, how can we not have thought of this before? The delay is her making her rounds on the LA COURT circuit, touring her gang bang and Blow a long...she's still servicing the men and women, and...whatevers, system higher ups, she's on a county wide tour! They will let this all just fade away and decide *not to go forward* as soon as she has sucked off the last judge, cop, lawyer, Male or female...I wonder if any of them brought their dogs along?

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711 days ago


Since LiLo has stated she is into women I doubt she was willing to insure this guy's silence witha hum job.

711 days ago


i would watch tmz tv show but the camera movements make sea sick

711 days ago


What sort of adult man proudly refers to himself as Poopface?

(and we're expected to believe this drunken unemployed loser is a businessman with a J.O.B.?)

711 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Something for everyone in this link. It's titled by the Huffington Post as "Lindsay Lohan's Tweets: Actress' Most WTF Twitter Musings"
She is one dumb cnut.

711 days ago

help this young woman    

STF: I read somewhere that Lindsay had final approval on all of the clothes. True?
SP: That is NOT true--Lindsay didn't get final say. She had a lot of opinions and input, but she definitely didn't have final approval--Lifetime network and the producers had final say.

STF: What was she like to work with?
SP: She definitely had a lot of opinions. She knew what she wanted, but I think once we met and started doing fittings and she saw that I knew what I was doing, we got along just fine. It was a whirlwind tornado trying to get Lindsay to just sit, but once she did, she was great. As crazy as everything was, she knew her lines backwards and forwards. And she looks great.

STF: Have you seen the final cut? How do you think it will be received?
SP: I think it looks great! It's epic in that, what we were able to pull off in 21 days is pretty amazing. We did a lot of green screen--we weren't really at Trevi fountain, in Gstaad, but it looks like we are. The visuals are pretty amazing. I was there shooting it and didn't even realize how they did it. The thing is, I think that it's going to be the most-watched movie in Lifetime history. That is pretty much guaranteed. You realize as you're going into it how big it's going to be. Everything is going to be scrutinized to the last detail. But I'm very proud of my work on that film and all I can say is, all I'm responsible for is visuals.

STF: How would you sum up your overall experience working on this movie?
SP: We walked away from this project thinking wow, we can do anything.

711 days ago


the #littlestar list will not even be around to hit 17 by the time Lielo ODs...
they are just young dumb and full of CVM..
they dont know any better.
sad when your fans are too young to understand what kind of un talented Fck up you are

711 days ago


what bar is she sleeping in now?
how many old farts have
this week?

711 days ago


anyone that wants to have sex with her better wear a turban..or look like sam the preying mantis..
maybe terry richardson. or Dina..
if not you have no chance..
but if you want to try bring Cocaine a fat wallet and a bunch of booze

711 days ago

ilovegossip looks like Lindsay (or her talking heads) read TMZ...ROL is reporting that Lindsay is now saying she was "confused" after the accident! SMH!!!!

Now, I realize the report is from "sources" so I'm sure it's not true... but if it was, it's ridiculous. She says she would NEVER lie to the police. I guess she forgot about the "black kid was driving", and "those aren't my pants". Or was she "confused" then too?

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan: 'I Would NEVER Lie To Cops, I Was Confused After Car Accident'Lindsay Lohan: 'I Would NEVER Lie To Cops, I Was Confused After Car Accident' 0 0

Posted on Nov 08, 2012 @ 12:00PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger - Radar Assistant Managing Editor

Lindsay Lohan is telling her close friends and associates that she never would have deliberately lied to cops when asked if she was driving the car that rear-ended an eighteen wheeler in Santa Monica, Calif. last summer. Rather, the actress insists she was extremely confused after the accident, is exclusively reporting.

"Both airbags were deployed when Lindsay rear-ended the dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway last summer. She doesn't remember exactly what she said to cops while being treated for injuries she sustained at the hospital," a source close to the actress tells us.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Grimaces As She Leaves Chateau Marmont

"There was a lot of commotion in the emergency room, and Lindsay was extremely upset and concerned for [her assistant] Gavin, who was also in the car with her. Gavin was bleeding, and Lindsay was just freaking out. There were cops coming at her from every angle, and her primary concern was making sure that Gavin was OK. She was also stressed-out because she had been en route to the set of Liz & Dick. Lindsay says she was very confused after the accident and would never deliberately lie to the cops," the insider added.

As previously reported, Lohan rear ended a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway last June. The Porsche, driven by Lindsay, was totaled and sent the actress and her assistant to the emergency room. Neither suffered any serious injuries. However, in the moments before Lohan's legal ace attorney, Shawn Holley, arrived at the emergency room, the Mean Girls star had already told cops she wasn't driving. Investigators have confirmed with multiple eyewitnesses that LiLo was in fact behind the wheel.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

After Lindsay is charged with lying to cops in connection with the accident, the Los Angeles City Attorney will ask the judge to throw the embattled actress behind bars for violating terms of her probation in her necklace theft case.

"Once Lindsay is formally charged with lying to cops, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing," a law enforcement source tells exclusively.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan's Shocking Bad Hair Day

"At the conclusion of the probation hearing prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Lindsay to significant time in jail - up to one year. Prosecutors and cops think there is more than enough evidence for the judge to find Lindsay in violation of probation and are hopeful that this time, she will face the maximum penalty for lying to cops. Remember, the burden is much lower for a probation violation, just the fact that Lindsay will be charged with a crime is enough for her probation to be revoked and sent to jail," the source tells us.

Lohan is "truly hoping that she won't be sent back to jail. Lindsay will absolutely freak out if she has to go back there. Lindsay just can't even fathom the idea that she is in this situation again, of facing significant jail time," the source close to the actress says.

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lying Lindsay can say what she wants about being confused. The Police witnessed what state of mind she was in. If they have on the their report that Lindsay was in the right frame of mind, she is TOAST !!

I seriously doubt that police were coming at her from all angles. THAT is another LIE.
If anything there were two cops at the ER the LAPD would not send a swat team to the ER like she clams.

Please use what I have said and post it on ROL.

711 days ago


He didn't RAT her out. Why should he take the fall for the twit?

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

FU, You got mail

711 days ago


ONLY this self-absorbed nitwit could have multiple witnesses AND her passenger state to police that she was driving and she will flat out lie and say she wasn't. Why did you feel the need to drive anyhow Lindsay when it was stipulated by Lifetime that you don't drive and even a driver for you? She is by far the most deranged excuse for a person out there right now.

711 days ago
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