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Lindsay Lohan's Asst.

Ratted Her Out to Cops

... Lindsay WAS Driving!!!

11/7/2012 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant rolled on her when he spoke to cops after her car accident on Pacific Coast Highway last June, and that's a big reason why she will be prosecuted ... TMZ has learned.

Cops interviewed Lindsay's assistant Gavin shortly after the crash -- at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated -- and according to law enforcement sources, he told police he was riding shotgun when the accident occurred ... and Lindsay was driving.

As you know, Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in her Porsche, but authorities don't believe her and she will be charged with the crime of lying to cops.

Gavin's statement dovetails with the account of the truck driver Lindsay hit -- he also claimed he saw Lindsay behind the wheel.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Bye Bye Lying Lindsay

693 days ago


Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan is a lying piece of sh_t.

Why is ANYONE surprised?

Let's just keep this karmic disaster off our roads -- and hopefully away from our lives forever. We are sick of her antics and attention-seeking.

693 days ago


can someone just get rid of this **** already so she stop ****ing dominating tmz

693 days ago


Hi nikki, i finally have a fu*kin day off!!!

693 days ago


What a dried-up skank. Peoplke are getting tired of reading about her and her skank mother.

693 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

There are all kind of people who are calling Gavin a snitch, a bad friend because he wouldn't take the rap for Blohans idiot accident on the PCH.
Let's think about the repercussions of taking the rap for the accident using YOU instead of Gavin as the passenger/fall guy.
> YOU end up with a 100% entirely your fault accident on YOUR driving record.
> YOU are on the hook for ALL charges including a possible reckless driving charge.
> YOUR insurance goes up.
> YOU get points on your driving record.
> YOU are the one found with an open bottle of vodka in the car and pills on the floor.
> YOU are the one who could get sued by multiple people.
> YOU are the one the car rental company is now after.
Here's what Lindsay Lohan is on the hook for:
FUQUEING NOTHING!!! Well chump, are you still calling Gavin a snitch?
Now is Gavin still a snitch or someone who doesn't want his life fuqued over because Lindsay Lohan is an unthinking, uncaring excuse for a human being.

693 days ago


Is Gavin now booted from Lindsay's close knit circle of friends because he wouldn't take the fall?

693 days ago


The judge will issue her a REALLY STERN WARNING! This will be her LAST CHANCE! The judge will REALLY, REALLY, REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME! Sigh.

693 days ago


Is he still her assistant?

693 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Gavin Doyle‏@SaveTheSociety


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693 days ago


Duh!! This was all known at the time of the accident even if it wasn't printed by the media. Everyone saw Lindsay driving and anytime she goes on and on about how innocent she is and it's everyone else's fault is a dead giveaway that it was all her fault.

693 days ago

Suzy Q     

Since when is telling the truth being a "rat" or snitch. Are Lohan in kindergarten?

It's all about the location of the seatbelt welt, ladies and gentlemen.

693 days ago

Suzy Q     

Since when is telling the truth being a "rat" or snitch. IS Lohan in kindergarten?

It's all about the location of the seatbelt welt, ladies and gentlemen.

693 days ago


Milo took lindsay out for some drinks to discuss the benefits of Rehab

693 days ago



693 days ago
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