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Lindsay Lohan

The Cops Are

Out to Get Me

11/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... cops are on such a vendetta to bring her down.

And get this ... Lindsay still claims she wasn't driving at the time her Porsche slammed into a truck last June on the Pacific Coast Highway. TMZ broke the story ... authorities beg to differ and will prosecute her for lying to cops. Lindsay claimed she was a passenger, but witnesses say she was behind the wheel.

Lindsay is saying she's "terrified" of going back to jail, especially because Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear she would violate her probation if she breaks the law again. 

Lindsay says she will throw herself at the mercy of the court ... she believes "One car accident could ruin everything for me."

Finally, she says she's done a good job following the law since her no contest plea in the jewelry heist case.


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Ummmm, that 'upswing' in her career sure was short-lived!

713 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Page Six, NY Post

LiLo: ‘The cops are out to get me’
Last Updated: 1:19 PM, November 7, 2012
Posted: 1:18 PM, November 7, 2012

As the Santa Monica City Attorney prepares to charge Lindsay Lohan with lying to the police about her car accident in June, she is reportedly telling friends that cops have a vendetta against her.

According to TMZ, the troubled starlet is “terrified” of going back to jail and thinks officials are aiming to prosecute her to put her behind bars.

Judge Stephanie Sautner, who presided over Lohan’s jewelry heist case, has made it clear that if the actress violates her probation, she could wind up behind bars. TMZ reports that the “Liz and Dick” actress is planning to throw herself at the mercy of the court, telling friends "One car accident could ruin everything for me."

Fern / Splash News

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan is alleged to have lied to the police about not being behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler. However, several witnesses have come forward to TMZ, saying that Lohan was indeed driving the car. She reportedly still claims she was not driving the car.

713 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I've been reading all the posts and have noticed the large number of "leave Lindsay alone" comments. I have to admit for once that I agree.
So who do we see to get the Do Not Resuscitate order for Lohan, and how do we make sure that the order is followed?

713 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


As the Santa Monica City Attorney prepares to charge Lindsay Lohan with lying to the police about her car accident in June,

713 days ago


Lohan needs to take responsibility for her actions. She needs to stop lying among other things. This amoral wild-child seems to forget that when false charges are pressed against her, that she is always cleared of wrong-doing. But when Lohan is rightly found guilty of doing wrong, she fails to learn.

713 days ago


Gavin iis "the man". I mean would you get in a car with Linds on the wheel?? Dude has balls

713 days ago

help this young woman    

"A growing body of research shows that people lie constantly, that deception is pervasive in everyday life. One study found that people tell two to three lies every 10 minutes, and even conservative estimates indicate that we lie at least once a day."
BTW @ILG I am not defending anyone. I don't know any details that the police have and neither do the haters or TMZ. What I do know is that human beings lie a lot? They lie about car accidents a lot. They lie to police a lot. This is a car accident. If she was driving then a ticket for inattentive driving and or driving too fast for conditions. Revoke driver's license. End of story.
Otherwise it is a waste of taxpayer's money.

713 days ago


What a laugh - since when is Lindsay doing stand up comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

713 days ago


"Hello. Law offices".

"Let me talk to LaShawn. Now!"

"Who may I say is calling?"



713 days ago


this woman is too stupid for words. If she had just told the TRUTH there would be no problem. But obstruction of justice will get you everytime if you're on probation... She is just like bill clinton, getting a ******* in the oval office is not against the law, immoral since he is married, but nothing prosecutable. It is the fact that he lied UNDER OATH to the investigating commitee/grand jury that got the impeachment hearing paneled.

713 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

HELL(P) THIS ROTTING PIECE OF FILTH says that Lohan is no longer in NYC, but I think I'm pretty sure I know where she is and it will be easy to find her.
I would just check to find out where New York City evacuated the Bellevue Hospital Psych Ward to after Hurricane Sandy. I would imagine that's where you'll find Lohan - hiding from the police and claiming insanity.
BTW, Sorry Linds, but you can fix insanity caused by end stage syphilis. Red Rectum has already shown that to be true.

713 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey HELL, Milo is in NY getting her into Rehab instead of jail

713 days ago

Wow ...    

Don't break the law and all of those law enforcing authorities can't go after you. Shh, it will be our lil secret.

713 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Adorable :) "@lindsaylohanbr_ Little Mermaid deixando o hotel em Manhattan ☮ "

713 days ago


*Studies show the enables frequently confuse their HELP with loving the person.*

Want to call me a hater Hapless go right ahead.

I've never wished death on the girl or her to overdose or for some one to come rape her, etc.

I only wish she would be held accountable for her drama as its going to kill her its not helping her at all.

People do NOT LIE all the time to cops, to judges, or in general. Its sad if the drugs do not kill her delusional halfwits will as she still thinks she is invincible. Thanks to all of you I love how she is DOING well yes cause accidents, being almost choked to death are normal occurances in a young person's life; YES when are are on DRUGS they are ... just another day.

713 days ago
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