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Lindsay Lohan

The Cops Are

Out to Get Me

11/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... cops are on such a vendetta to bring her down.

And get this ... Lindsay still claims she wasn't driving at the time her Porsche slammed into a truck last June on the Pacific Coast Highway. TMZ broke the story ... authorities beg to differ and will prosecute her for lying to cops. Lindsay claimed she was a passenger, but witnesses say she was behind the wheel.

Lindsay is saying she's "terrified" of going back to jail, especially because Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear she would violate her probation if she breaks the law again. 

Lindsay says she will throw herself at the mercy of the court ... she believes "One car accident could ruin everything for me."

Finally, she says she's done a good job following the law since her no contest plea in the jewelry heist case.


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I love how all her enablers passed the bar exam all of the sudden and know that it was ok for her to lie to the police because she wasn't under arrest. It baffles me how anyone could support a heathen such as this lying petri dish.

682 days ago

help this young woman    

"Who told you that people can't lie to the police? That's not a crime...

People lie to me at work every single day. Suspects lie, witnesses lie, victims lie, people who ask for directions lie. Trust me. People lie to the police."


11+ years Law Enforcement

682 days ago

help this young woman    

It is not illegal for the police to lie to you even in an interrogation. In fact they do it all the time. Therefore if one is not under arrest, it should not be illegal to lie to them.

682 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahahhahahahhahha! TOO FUNNY !!!

Lindsay Lohan Convinced Cops Are Conspiring Against Her



November 7, 2012by: Madison Vanderberg

Image by Splash News

Lindsay Lohan could be facing jail-time after lying to cops during her car accident over the summer. However, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t think she did ANYTHING wrong and is convinced that the cops have it out for her.

That’s right, all the Los Angeles cops have nothing better to do than think up ways to get Lindsay Lohan to go to jail. This is what the police force does all day long: conspire against Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay will be charged with lying to police because she claimed that she wasn’t driving the vehicle when it crashed on PCH back in June. Despite multiple witnesses claiming otherwise, Lindsay is sticking to her story that the LAPD has a vendetta against her.

This all according to TMZ who cites “friends” of Lindsay.

Apparently Lindsay is “terrified” of going back to jail and doesn’t even want to drive her car anymore for fear of doing one thing wrong.

“One car accident could ruin everything for me,” LiLo reportedly told friends.

I get that Lindsay is on pretty strict probation, but the majority of the rest of the world will go their ENTIRE LIVES without getting pulled over, arrested, or getting into legal trouble. How come Lindsay can’t do that? Why can’t she be like the rest of us! Just follow the rules dammit!

Anyways, Lindsay might be curbing her partying/driving ways, but who knows, she’s overdue for a run-in with the law in a few months. You know, she does have “screw-up” quota to meet each month.

682 days ago


I remember as a very young child being taught,
1) the policeman is my friend &
2) honesty is the best policy.

682 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Hopeless and pathetic. Lock the idiot up and remove her from the tabloids.

682 days ago


" I was Not driving during that wreck, I was flying higher then Niel Armstrong..and thats not considered driving..
Driving ids when you can keep your car on the road"

682 days ago


are you kidding someone you should be in jail for at lease 5 years for your dui, and drugs what a nut case

682 days ago

Scamuel Jones    

Why not just go ahead and save the taxpayers a whole bunch of money in the future from having to arrest and have trials for her all the time? Just go ahead and lock this whore's azz up for life and keep her in jail to protect other drivers and pedestrians.

682 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

dont just throw the book at her, SHOOT IT at her. out of a cannon. Wile E. Coyote style.
then drop an anvil or 2 on her just in case she survived.

682 days ago


I think you answered the wrong post. I was not talking about this specific event. I was talking about Lindsay life as a whole package. Of course tabloids make up tons of stories everyday and this particular story I think is not true. Well not the warrant part at least. I think the pills part, being driving part and under the influence is true. She is just 2 stupid to be true.You have to own your shizz.. Is not her actions that I think that are the msot repulsive thing about her but her posture towards her actions. She is such a coward and so phony that is disturbing. People had given her complements (a long time ago I must ad) about her acting skills. Which I believe she had and maybe deep inside she still has. But again in my post I was talking about the human being I didn't mention the actress. The person Lindsay is a joke, an idiot with no redemptions quality what so ever. And people should be ebarrassed of saying they are her fans because honestly just makes you look like a empty bag just like her.

682 days ago


I love her big ol' cans .. I really hope there is cams in the courtroom again so i can see them ;)

682 days ago


Girl, you were driving and totalled the car and could have killed someone. They have an eyewitness. No one is after you but yourself.

682 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So is Milo in NY with some author to try and coral his cray cray daughter?

682 days ago



682 days ago
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