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Lindsay Lohan

The Cops Are

Out to Get Me

11/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... cops are on such a vendetta to bring her down.

And get this ... Lindsay still claims she wasn't driving at the time her Porsche slammed into a truck last June on the Pacific Coast Highway. TMZ broke the story ... authorities beg to differ and will prosecute her for lying to cops. Lindsay claimed she was a passenger, but witnesses say she was behind the wheel.

Lindsay is saying she's "terrified" of going back to jail, especially because Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear she would violate her probation if she breaks the law again. 

Lindsay says she will throw herself at the mercy of the court ... she believes "One car accident could ruin everything for me."

Finally, she says she's done a good job following the law since her no contest plea in the jewelry heist case.


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some guy    

I think Lindsay needs a dose of the real world. Get a regular job and not rely on her notoriety and rapidly fading looks. Make an honest living for a change.
Not sure what skills she has to offer, though. Doubt having a liver fermented in formaldehyde would be a plus to employers.

681 days ago

John T.    

Every job she gets she steals from them, her lies are so endless that she is a Hollywood joke. She has to crash party's because no one wants her at anything. She is at the end and she knows it. Her name is mud now. She owns nothing no home, car she lives out of a suitcase in hotels that she doesn't pay for. She owes every Tom Dick and Harry . Her face is so hard looking now and those fish lips are good for a laugh. She is too stupid to know she is done and is only good for gossip and a laugh.

681 days ago


"One car accident could ruin everything for me."

Well, Lindsay ... that is what everyone is hoping will happen.

681 days ago


So now the cops made up the accident just to get you. Lindsay your acting isnt good anymore give up the drugs and booze and maybe it will come back,

681 days ago


I say let Judge Marsha Revel decide her punishment..
that would be Poetic justice..

681 days ago

Hot Farts    


PVs are not the same as other convictions. She cannot avoid jail time because she is no longer on probation. Once revoked its only jail.

Also - violators do more time on their sentence in LA...obviously not much more...and if she has a new case too they look at that.

681 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

omg seriously? this judge needs to be re-evaluated - driving or not, it's not the cops out to get her, it's the dumbass decisions she keeps making that gets her in trouble and the fame-bitten judge that keeps cutting her slack

NO HOUSE ARREST, NO MORE FREEBIES! send her to jail or she's never going to change (not that she will anyway, but she needs a hard lesson)

681 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

This is too bad. Lindsay's career was finally on a roll. She's had a string of hits recently: the Ford, the Chevy, the BMW, the Porsche...

681 days ago


they're out to get her?

well hell's bells, i hope they hurry it up and put her lying, thieving azz under the jail.

681 days ago


Yeah this sounds highly exaggerated, Lindsay throw herself on the mercy of the court? Yeah right! Even she knows that won't work if it gets to that point.

681 days ago


"mercy of the court" Is going back to sautners "CHAMBERS" for some Gavel bashing and Fish lip service

681 days ago


How do we know she actually said this? For all we know, TMZ is just yanking our chains with this story.

681 days ago


Yawn...guilty bitch will walk.

681 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I don't think any of us can understand that family. Her dad did time for white collar stuff when she was a baby. The environment she grew up in was far removed from the one my kids grew up in. Probably more like mafi0$a, no fear for law enforcement. The parents probably think a little jail time is a joke. You are a product of your environment and experiences. And she isn't the brightest bulb in the factory, I don't see much of a chance of redemption, she's an adult and has been one for 10 years.

681 days ago


C'mon Lindsay never lies!! She just rewords the truth a lot!! LOL

681 days ago
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