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Ariel Winter

Removed from Home

After Parental Abuse Allegations

11/7/2012 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter, the 14-year-old actress who plays Alex Dunphy on "Modern Family," has been removed from her home by a judge in the wake of serious allegations of physical and emotional abuse by her mother ... court sources tell TMZ.

There's a report Ariel is seeking legal emancipation from her mom so she can be with her boyfriend, but that report is false.

Court sources tell us ... on October 3rd, after a guardianship hearing, a judge determined the allegations that Ariel was being physically and emotionally abused by her mother Chrystal Workman were serious enough that the judge placed Ariel in a temporary guardianship with her older sister Shanelle Gray. Our sources tell us ... mama Chrystal was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ariel.

Ironically, we've learned Shanelle suffered the same alleged abuse as Ariel.  Nearly two decades ago, the Department of Children and Family Services removed her from Chrystal's home based on similar abuse allegations. Law enforcement sources tell us ... D.C.F.S. placed Shanelle in foster care for more than 2 years. She never went back to her mother.

According to court records, the judge has set another hearing for November 20.


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I want to **** her so bad.

681 days ago



681 days ago


Her older sister was abused twenty years ago. This leaves me to wonder WHY Shannell herself did not blow the whistle? And really? Arielle, at 14 thinks she is mature enough to move in with her boyfriend? Really? NOT! She should get counseling however.

681 days ago


Reserve judgement folks! This kid goes head to head with her mom & everyone in the biz knows & watches it. She's demanding, wants to grow up too fast & thinks because she is who she is, she doesn't have to follow mom's rules. On the flip side, mom yells back & acts like a fool. I don't care if its on set, a carpet for an event or in the green room.... she speaks to her mom like a dog & mom lacks the parenting skills to properly handle it. Seriously, I don't know how they have never felt embarrassed by their behavior!

681 days ago


Her young ass need some good dick.

681 days ago


Another child star...

681 days ago


you people will do anything for a buck.
this reporting on a 14 yr old?
Enjoy it......pieces of sh*t!

681 days ago


Well I know Ariel, Shanelle and Crystal the mother who is Ariel's manager..Crystal wanted to be my daughters manager, when we had met in the past I thought she was very aggressive and not pleasant...Shanelle is a wonderful woman was my daughters acting teacher...Ariel is in good hands with Shanelle and David...I am glad she is away from her mother.

681 days ago


mama just lost her meal least shes in a safe place.......pretty girl!

681 days ago


Shanelle is a great person and will take good care of her sister...Ariels mother is her a manager for child yes Ariel is a meal ticket..Crystal had wanted to manage my daughter but when we met I thought she was too agressive and not very nice. Shanelle was my daughters acting teacher and she is a loving wonderful woman and her husband is a lovely man..

681 days ago


You know whats also sad? That the older brother is defending his mother and calling his sisters liars. I mean f*ck you buddy. The courts don't just take away kids, that end up in foster care for 2 years and never give them back to the mother and now another allegation from the little sister? Wow the mother and the brother are all around pieces of sh*t. It's rare for a mother to get the kids taken away, unless they are really ****ed up people. And just because the son has never experienced the abuse, doesn't mean she is not doing it to the daughters. There was a true story of a mother that treated her sons like angels and her daughter like sh*t. She would beat them and starve them. Two of the sisters were found dead, one was lit on fire in a rural area and another found in a box, that was starved to death and had extreme sun damage. The sons helped abuse the sisters and disposed of the bodies. One out of the three daughters, one escaped and told the police everything and that was the only daughter that survived. So I don't want to hear sh*t, that just because one child didn't experiences nothing, doesn't mean the other did. This b*tch and son are obviously horrible people and I pray to god that this kid can for-fill her dreams and live SAFELY with her sister. Good luck Ariel.

681 days ago


Modern Family cast is suppose to be like a real family... Have they or are they helping there cast member? I hope so. She is a good actor on her way to becoming a great one if she's able to still be a 14 year old teen now...just ask the Lohan's and Amanda's

681 days ago

Sha Nay Nay    

Leave the bitch alone! She don't need to be all over TMZ for **** that ain't her fault. She's a ****ing minor. Y'all oughta be ashamed of yo'selves. Imagine if your daughter/child was put on some website where nasty ass hoes and douches are publicized. **** off

681 days ago

Sha Nay Nay    

Leave the bitch alone! She don't need to be all over TMZ for **** that ain't her fault. She's a ****ing minor. Y'all oughta be ashamed of yo'selves. Imagine if your daughter/child was put on some website where nasty ass hoes and douches are publicized. **** off

681 days ago


Abuse knows no age, gender, race, religion- it does not discriminate. Hope like hell this poor kid, (along with millions of others in her situation) finds the peace, love, and stability she needs, and deserves. My thoughts are on her mother- are not fit to put in print.

681 days ago
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