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Shock Video

Man Viciously STOMPED

Outside of L.A. Nightclub

11/7/2012 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110712_rich_rick_launch_v2A group of at least 5 men BEAT THE LIVING CRAP out of a man outside a popular Hollywood nightclub ... stomping his head into the street multiple times ... even after he was rendered defenseless.

TMZ was outside Supperclub on Hollywood Blvd. speaking with rapper Rich Rick ... when suddenly a brawl broke out behind him ... and a man was knocked to the ground.

The group -- consisting of at least 5 men -- stomped on the victim's head repeatedly ... and some of the men threw punches.  At no point, do we ever see the victim attempt to fight back.

Eventually, some bystanders pulled the attackers off the victim ... who lay motionless on the ground.

The victim later got up ... and though he was obviously discombobulated and bleeding ... he managed to walk away.

Law enforcement tells us ... no arrests have been made.


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Why does TMZ feel the need to air this brutality is beyond me. Just a bunch ignorant fools that think violence is the answer. I believe in the goodness of people, not broadcasting violence.

679 days ago


It's cowardly and despicable that these men ganged up and beat on one man, and kept beating after he was down and helpless.
But it's idiocy to try and say it's because they're black.
Most of the incidents we see of groups beating up one man, are white police officers doing the beatings, occasionally including a black or Mexican officer, ratios reflect population.

679 days ago


What a bunch of pansy-asses. Cowards!

679 days ago


Holey hell, the next four years are going to SUCK!!!

679 days ago


Appalling assault, plus TMZ interviewer didn't attempt to come to the aid of the person, or see if he was okay after he was attacked. Instead wanted to get comments from someone. I can understand they would be afraid to stop the attack but to also not come in after the thugs left shows what type of people TMZ employs

679 days ago


Im realy suppired to see African Americans doing this to some one. You never see this on the news besides when that black bus driver uppercuted that chick, or when that whole chris brown things went down, or that OJ simpson, Rick Ross, Tu Pac and biggy thing and the looters in NY last week, plaxico burress and well EVERY PHYSICAL CRIME THAT HAS EVER TAKEN PLACE IN DETROIT......

679 days ago


really tmz, you fill it but don't call the cops. Wow I guess you would have stayed to film it if he never got up from that beating and died wouldn't you. Reason number 252 why i moved away from L. A. I hope you turn this video over to the cops.

679 days ago


Pretty pathetic of your camera crew to do NOTHING. They (crew) are as bad as the losers who can't fight one on one. I hope the crew is charged for not helping out.

679 days ago


Hi Gang. I have been hired as a defence lawyer for one of the fellas in this case. Please, everyone lets stop with the mob mentality in your comments. I have been informed that my client was just trying to kill a bee that had landed on Geoffrey's shoulder...

679 days ago


I can't believe u missed it! On X-Factor, the same night Kardasian wore the see thru blouse (that Simon reacted to). The contestant (with obvious gay manerisms) labeled "The Entertainer" by his coach, placed his hand on Mario's butt when they were standing on stage after the entertainer's performance. Mario pushed his hand back up and commented that they wanted to keep this show rated PG.

679 days ago



679 days ago

Wow ...    

I refuse to watch it. But based on Comments, why didn't TMZ "reporter" call the police? Perhaps not intervene, but at least call for help! I foresee TMZ video ending up in a courtroom soon...

679 days ago



679 days ago


Now had that of been 5 white guys on 1 black guy we'd never hear the end of it. But these thugs stomped a defenseless man and nothing happened. It's a damn shame and it's a damn shame tmz just taped it.

679 days ago


Only one girl trying to "weakly" stop the attack, then a guy in a blue shirt comes in to help a little.. what was with the plaid shirt guy at 30 seconds pushing the Blue shirt guy? Then lights a cigarette

679 days ago
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