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Stacey Dash

Epic 1,344 Word Rant

About Election Depression

11/7/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stacey Dash is really bummed out that Mitt Romney is NOT the next President of These United States ... and we know she's bummed out because she sent us a 1,344 word essay about it.

In her statement, Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden ... and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person. 

As we previously reported, Dash took a whole lotta heat for being one of the only black people in Hollywood to not support Barack Obama.

But at the end of her paper, Dash does say, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives."

Stacey Dash everyone ... she was in "Clueless" once.


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Why can't people say what they think and believe ? Just because they don't like the president or didn't vote for him dosen't make them racist or wrong! They may not agree with the "popular" vote or the "cool trend" SO what!? Let people have their say!! It is NOT ok to bully people into agreeing with you.

723 days ago


Stupid bitch!

723 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Stacey, take your meds. Why are talking about a recession when you don't work? By choice? We don't need a concession speech from you.

723 days ago


She has a pretty mouth !

723 days ago


I disagree with a lot of the comments here. I find her post to be pretty well reasoned, articulate and respectful. I don't agree with her politics, but half the country doesn't. She has stated her views in a meaningful, non-vitriolic, thoughtful manner, and I respect that. You don't need to hate someone who doesn't think like you.

723 days ago


Perhaps Stacy was "clueless" like others were in this election. Sorry she boarded the wrong train but if you voted for the person of your choice why be upset just repeat that saying Don Meredith used for football. Someone going to win and someone going to lose and some are going to wind up singing the blues.

723 days ago


This crazy bish who sleeps with everyone on the first date (her own admission)...I guess Ryan turned her down.

Your career is over. You just lost the last shred of dignity you had...CLUELESS WONDER...

723 days ago


Maybe Republicans will start behaving themselves, you say, like calling the opposition bitches, "mitches," telling them to "suck it?" Yeah, real classy, Beyonce and friends. Street thugs elected this man. I believe he is just a tool, used by somebody else pulling the strings. He's not enthused about being pres. again, he'd rather play golf in Hawaii. The most troubling thing is how obviously "clueless" his supporters are.

723 days ago


This is a well thought out, well written letter. I don't see where the vitriol is coming from. Did any of you actually read the letter? TMZ? Did you read it? You liberals are completely lost on me. I have lost any/all respect for you.

723 days ago


I did NOT take this as a rant. She was explaining herself.. I was on twitter for two days watching the girl get lambasted, threatened and bullied on twitter.. People making unwarranted assumptions about her and spewing bile...


Clearly she wanted to explain herself to the thugs nitwits who were harassing her... This post wasn't a rant at all.. More like an attempt to calm the tone and try to reason with people... unfortunately a lot of the people that she's attempting to calm down are unreasonable and some are even violent thugs...


She came across very intelligent in her letter.. We're a democracy..everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it is an unpopular one in certain sectors..


It seems like some people just want a Democratic dictatorship.. Stacey Dash understands what her haters do NOT understand.. That BOTH parties are needed to even each other out.. We basically only have two parties at work here--- because a vote for a Libertarian or the Green Party is a wasted vote.... It is a shame that it has trickled down to basically a two-party system in the US.. but now people want it to be a dictatorship with only ONE party in control?


Stacey Dash is amazing to understand what so many other simpletons, especially in Hollywood, do NOT... That the country needs both political parties and when both parties work together --- it makes for a much better country..


Congrats, Stacey..You're one of the most intelligent actresses around and you "get it"!!

723 days ago


Why is everyone being so stupid and mean? She makes a lot of really good points here. It's obviously an open letter that she's put a lot of thought into.
People should read it a bit more carefully. Stacey Dash may be quite a bit deeper than assumed. She may just be a force to be reckoned with.

723 days ago


This much is clear, Stacey Dash has given her platform and vote FAR more consideration than the typical comments appearing in this column and beneath any other column about her. They're generally just filled with attacks about her being an "uncle tom" and "house ni***" and other ugliness. The other comments are lilliputian-sized comments on some random issue containing no substance. TL;DR ? That makes her smarter than you. Congratulations to president Obama, please don't **** with the constitution and please stop bowing in front of foreign leaders. Past that, it's all good.

723 days ago

Loretta Love    

Loser ranting about a WINNER~

723 days ago


Oh well somebody had to win and somebody had to lose, but if she's acting this way she was smucked up from the beginning.

723 days ago


She talks to much.! Shut up for crying out loud. She should of just left it at I didn't vote for Obama and that's it. Move on with your clueless life now.

723 days ago
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