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"Modern Family" Star

Alleged Victim of Abuse

11/7/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Ariel Winter from "Modern Family" has allegedly been abused by her mom -- and now Ariel's even been removed from her home. TMZ broke the story ... and we have more info about her mother ... and the long history of family issues.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bodyguard -- who was with MJ the night he died -- actually got another bodyguard gig ... with One Direction!! Does his past with Jackson help or hurt the ole resume??

Also, Diane Sawyer's bizarre (at best) election night performance has people talking -- was she drunk, tired, or something else? Trust us ... this D-Sizzle debate is way better than any of the presidential ones.

(0:00) This is crazy ... "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is allegedly being emotionally and physically abused by her mother -- so a judge gave temporary guardianship of Ariel to her older sister.
(4:00) Lindsay Lohan is screwed -- because her very own assistant told cops that she was lying when she said she wasn't driving the Porsche she crashed.
(10:00) There a major twist the sexual assault allegations against Cee Lo.
(15:30) Former "Zoey 101" star Matthew Underwood was arrested again -- and could face some serious time behind bars.
(18:00) You gotta see this -- Jesse Jackson Jr. was re-elected in Chicago despite being hospitalized for the last couple of months for depression. So we talk to one of the guys he beat in the election -- Marcus Lewis -- and he's PISSSSSSED.
(24:10) Oh boy ... One Direction's new bodyguard is Alberto Alvarez ... the guy who was protecting Michael Jackon ON THE DAY HE DIED.
(28:40) Jennifer Lopez has been accused of getting a hotel maid fired for asking for her autograph -- but we have information proving it's a load of BS.
(30:00) Finally! A sighting of the Virgin Mary that actually looks like the Virgin Mary! BTW, it's in a tree trunk.
(33:00) Lil Wayne -- a sore loser.
(35:10) Diane Sawyer -- drunk during last night's election coverage? You have to see a clip of her slurring and rambling.
(39:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar


Can't wait to hear Charles take on the beat down.

714 days ago


Just thow LiLi in jail and let her root! Before it's too late, please lock her up and thow away the key!

She's no longer interesting with her and her family's drama. It's now just annoying.

714 days ago


So, I'm going to assume that Gina Rodriquez paid TMZ a whole lot of money to NOT print the story about Octomut being allowed out of Rehab to go do a music video for some Country parody singer for 1500. I guess the backlash about Octomut being allowed to work inside the rehab while in treatment was enough to show GR's pr machine isn't spinning a good light on her client.

714 days ago

Flying Blind    

Barrack, Mr President Sir, can iiiii get a pppardooon?

714 days ago


About time Charles wore something other than a brown or black shirt. Nice color too.

714 days ago


Ariel is going to become LH? come on, she's been taken out of a serious situation, not leaving her in it.

714 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Congratulations, idiots. You just voted in four more years of programs we can't pay for, for taking care of people who aren't even US citizens, for stalled jobs policies, for negotiating with terrorists, etc. But pat yourself on the back for being "tolerant" and "progressive". And the downward spiral continues.

714 days ago


Yes, Gavin told the truth, if that's right, how come it's taken LAPD all this time to get their **** together and why the hell haven't they charged her yet?

714 days ago


Yes that was a great scene in Homeland.

714 days ago


I don't believe the Cee Lo story. If they can prove this proud was on the downlow with Cee lo while boning someone back home and that she was being flown out constantly to see Cee Lo and he was buying her expensive gifts and now she's covering her arse because her boyfriend found out she's two timing, throw her in jail for filing a false report. This chick needs to have prove for her allegations. I'll wait for more of that Proof to come out.

714 days ago

Wow ...    

Cee Lo allegations, it was obvious the two had a relationship of some sort. They ate together, spent time together and she had his number. Not exactly a two ships passing in the night sort of thing. The questions remains, did he have sexual relations with her, while she was drugged? If so, it was rape. If not, then he hasn't nothing to worry about. His history of violence, including torturing animals doesn't look good for him though.

714 days ago


Fat Mike is so annoying. He got a big head for a minute during all that Charlie Sheen hype. Now he's just a Kardashian servant.

714 days ago


the camera guy shouldn't get so close to Mike, he looks like he is ready to pop

714 days ago


♫♪ It's's's tricky to rock a rhyme that's right on's trick-ay ♫♪

714 days ago


Lets hope Cee Lo is telling the truth or he is raping her again. I want to hear the tape. Not just he says or she says

714 days ago
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