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New Colorado Weed Law

Could Save Our Country

11/8/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Colorado electropop duo 3OH!3 -- famous for that song "Don't Trust Me" -- is (s)toked their home state legalized recreational weed use, telling TMZ, Colorado is setting a precedent that could solve America's biggest problems ... and not just glaucoma.

Nathaniel Motte -- one half of the group -- tells us, he's always supported marijuana legalization because a) the revenue streams from taxing weed could really help the government financially, and b) legalizing the drug would alleviate jail overpopulation problems.

Motte -- who doesn't personally smoke anymore -- says legalizing the drug for recreational use in in Colorado (the first state ever to do so) will also improve its safety by allowing the government to regulate quality.

Motte adds, "I'm proud that Colorado can stand as an example for other states to follow."

FYI -- enacting the new weed laws could take months ... and marijuana is still illegal on the Federal level ... so there are a few more hoops to jump through before Coloradicals can light up on the street.



No Avatar


you have to be high to believe that the government wouldn't piss away any revenue from weed sales. I love that this is a priority to americans...not jobs, not education but getting wonder this country is a disgrace

683 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I have a serious question about legalization of pot. I mean, show me someone under 65 who hasn't or doesn't still smoke pot, so it's like everyone smokes it, but what happens with employer drug screens for cannabis in states where it is legal? Seriously.

683 days ago


Weed makes people lazy, thats what America needs more lazy a$$. Great o-well china is gonna own us any way.

683 days ago


The part i dont get:
" the revenue streams from taxing weed could really help the government financially" BS!! Thats not the problem, they have PLENTY of money. Try counting to a trillion, every year.They need to cut SPENDING .

683 days ago


Trying to find a crack in law to legalize weed is like to put a punk for US presidency race. There is so much money in it that governments would have allowed it if it doesn't cause mayhem! Roger at

683 days ago


It shouldn't be legal is it ok for people to drive stoned?
you may think it's cool, but its as bad as drunk driving
your judgement and reactions are slow there is no way of testing except for blood if someone kills somebody in a car accident then it will be too late

683 days ago


Weed should have never been illegal. It's a dumb law. And anyone that says it's a gateway drug or that it causes dependency is ignorant. I have smoked weed for 35 years. I hold a doctorate and I own two businesses. Financially I am comfortable. And yes, I smoke it every night before bedtime.

683 days ago


I am a weed smoker but not a idiot.. its not legal anywhere in USA ... its not a real law even for medical use and its going to get smashed by the fed...

no state has the right to overpower or make legal what the fed has made illegal.. first day law stuff..

till Washington removes it then it will never be legal so play on state level is not getting anywhere

683 days ago

Big D    

The other 48 states are hoping that Colorado and Washington don't F it up for the rest of us. To the residents of those two states, be responsible, if it goes sour it won't pass in the other states.

683 days ago


you still cant sell or buy on the streets ,,ya still cant have more then the allowed amount 'on you' and im sure there will be issues with DRIVING WHILE STONED..

683 days ago


Calm down potheads (redundant?). Pot is still illegal on the Fed level. So all the money they think they are going to get from legalizing it is way off. Colorado and Washington are going to have the same issue Montana had when they defied the Feds. Cuts in Federal funding.

683 days ago

Bill Leslie    

I'm for legalization since I like a) State's rights, b) people do all sorts of dumb things for recreation (like motorcycles, skydiving, etc) so why not a drug and c) pot heads are funny, easily manipulated and simple to take advantage of - they're more fun than a bunch of kittens/puppies/babies

683 days ago

Randy Scouse Git    

TMZ fails to report marijuana is also legal in Washington now. Apparently they have only been following the Colorado measures.

683 days ago


I want to move to Colorado!!!!!

683 days ago


Weed needs to stay illegal for the reason that it STINKS!!!

683 days ago
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