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New Colorado Weed Law

Could Save Our Country

11/8/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Colorado electropop duo 3OH!3 -- famous for that song "Don't Trust Me" -- is (s)toked their home state legalized recreational weed use, telling TMZ, Colorado is setting a precedent that could solve America's biggest problems ... and not just glaucoma.

Nathaniel Motte -- one half of the group -- tells us, he's always supported marijuana legalization because a) the revenue streams from taxing weed could really help the government financially, and b) legalizing the drug would alleviate jail overpopulation problems.

Motte -- who doesn't personally smoke anymore -- says legalizing the drug for recreational use in in Colorado (the first state ever to do so) will also improve its safety by allowing the government to regulate quality.

Motte adds, "I'm proud that Colorado can stand as an example for other states to follow."

FYI -- enacting the new weed laws could take months ... and marijuana is still illegal on the Federal level ... so there are a few more hoops to jump through before Coloradicals can light up on the street.



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Washington state is legal as well.

723 days ago


The drug trade is like the booze trade in the 30s, The booze dealers back then were controling the booze trade with machine guns and bribing Gov. Officials, people were being poisned with bad booze When they leagleized the booze, the government took over now its brewed under sanitary conditions, Back in the 30s Al Calcopone made that much money bringing booze from St. Peiar, He built a Hospital in Grand Bank. Back in the 30s, That shows how much money he made, But he still died with VD. in Alcratras

723 days ago


What about Washington - they did it too. Let's give them some credit for making history!

723 days ago


Just legalize it, tax it, and be done with it.
The supposed "war on marijuana" is a total failure, it hasn't made one tiny bit of difference in stopping the amount of marijuana that's grown, sold, or smoked.
Instead it costs us hundreds of millions of dollar$ from our tax money, money that could be used for dozens of other things that actually help folks.

723 days ago


"If we were to return prison populations to 1970 levels, before the War on Drugs began...More than a million people working in the system would see their jobs disappear." There are more black men in prison than ever were in slavery, most solely for pot possession.

Read the book-- The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

Seriously. So upsetting.

723 days ago


If our congressmen and senators can not make a profit through sales then they will make their profit from putting people in jail and owning those jails. It is all about the money and who gets it.

723 days ago


Smoke marijuana and watch "The Three Stooges"! You're welcome.

723 days ago



Whatever you think about the intelligence about legalizing drugs...frankly we spend a lot of time and effort with little overall benefit...

The logic of an argument that says legalizing pot to collect additional taxes (oops...revenue stream) and thusly save the economy gets me rollin on the floor every time.

"Let's give the money to schools"...lolol...the schools have plenty of money folks...80-90% goes to salaries, pension payments (that are universally underfunded), and lifetime long do you think this is going to last? The kids have nothing to do with it...

All we have to do is get stoned and use the proceeds to deliver money to people who don't want to work. Funny stuff.


723 days ago

jenny ruby    

i dont care how legal it is no one smokes anything or drinks anything around my children.

723 days ago


Enjoy it while it lasts because The Controlled Substance Act which is Federally Mandated will shoot down state law anytime it's just a matter of time before the feds shut it all down I'm just saying federal government will step in but I hope they dont for a while.

723 days ago

Wow ...    

I don't smoke the stuff, but I am behind it being legalized. If a person can smoke tobacco and drink legally, why not pot? Seriously, I am far less concerned about pot users, than I am a drunk.

723 days ago


Even though the voters have spoken this will never go through. People will still get arrested because we live in a gestapo!

723 days ago


I know we always get forgotten about up here in the Pacific Northwest, but Washington State also legalized it on Tuesday. As of now, anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to have up to one ounce starting on December 6th. There are still a million questions about exactly HOW to regulate, but us Washingtonians are ALL for it! :)

723 days ago


I say legalize and tax the heck of it like cigarettes. Make the government some money!

723 days ago


Washington State legalized it first! Our law was passed an hour before Colorado's

723 days ago
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