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New Colorado Weed Law

Could Save Our Country

11/8/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Colorado electropop duo 3OH!3 -- famous for that song "Don't Trust Me" -- is (s)toked their home state legalized recreational weed use, telling TMZ, Colorado is setting a precedent that could solve America's biggest problems ... and not just glaucoma.

Nathaniel Motte -- one half of the group -- tells us, he's always supported marijuana legalization because a) the revenue streams from taxing weed could really help the government financially, and b) legalizing the drug would alleviate jail overpopulation problems.

Motte -- who doesn't personally smoke anymore -- says legalizing the drug for recreational use in in Colorado (the first state ever to do so) will also improve its safety by allowing the government to regulate quality.

Motte adds, "I'm proud that Colorado can stand as an example for other states to follow."

FYI -- enacting the new weed laws could take months ... and marijuana is still illegal on the Federal level ... so there are a few more hoops to jump through before Coloradicals can light up on the street.



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What is a Coloradical?

712 days ago


Not to mention the fact that all the drug Barons and Cartels will be up sh!t creek without a paddle.

712 days ago


Like anyone cares what they think.. but yes, weed should be legal everywhere.

712 days ago


YES!! hooray! now, Texas,please,please,please ha ha

712 days ago


All Colorado did was make it easier for the Mexican Drug Cartel to operate in Colorado. The federal goverment will not get involved just like medical marijuanna. there will now be higher crimes in colorado,

712 days ago


if it is legal - it stops the mexican drug cartels like ms-13 - the dispensaries in cali don't use mexican drug dealers for their weed - he's right - it would solve a lot of problems

712 days ago


i don't even like people smoking cigarettes close to me...

712 days ago


I live in Colorado and voted yes on this. And no, I am not a pot head. I haven't touched the stuff in years. But the money is going to go to schools, which a lot of them could use. Our governor, John Hickenlooper was very much against this, but since it passed he was (as usual) kinda funny about it. He said "it is still against federal law so there are things to work out, so don't break out the cheetos and gold fish just yet."

I guess Washington and us are going to be the test states to see how things go. Hopefully it goes well.

712 days ago


great more peoples **** i have to smell while living in MY apartment

712 days ago


I thought Washington did the same thing so why is Colorado mentioned only in all of these stories!!!

712 days ago


Other states have tried doing similar things to make it legal and legal for medical marijuana and each time the federal government has come in and said it doesn't matter what laws they passed because the federal laws overrule any state laws. It's all such a joke, there's not a single reason that it shouldn't be 100% LEGAL nationally.

712 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

California had the chance and voted it down. They should have at least made it legal to grow hemp, that alone could have created a ton of jobs. Decriminalizing mj on top of that, billions of dollars saved, billions collected in taxes, more jobs.

712 days ago


HEY!! Colorado IS NOT the only state that passed legalizes Marihuana. Washington State just passed Inititiave 502 legalizing weed also. It is estimated that revenue from pot could bring in 1 BILLION dollars in revenue over 5 years. I am proud that we are the pioneers of this movement!

712 days ago


Amsterdam recently decided not to ban pot tourists. They get 1.5 million tourists a year, who spend over $2000 a piece. Thats...what, $3 Billion? What small town is stupid enough to turn down 3 Billion dollars in revenue from tourism?

712 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Although myself, my husband and hopefully my older children don't do marijuana, I can understand the reason for making it legal. The drug trade for this stuff would save many lives of the mules and distributors. It won't do a thing to the Mexican trade of selling us heroine though.

712 days ago
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