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Charlie Sheen

Accused of Death Threat


11/8/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen threatened to shoot a man to death with a Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun ... this according to a police report filed with the LAPD ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... a man who claims to be a former associate of Charlie's filed the report on October 18 ... claiming he's deathly afraid that Charlie will murder him based on a text message the actor allegedly sent to a mutual friend.

The man told police he had a bad falling out with Charlie recently ... and learned that Sheen vented about him in a text to a woman that read, "I'll blow his head off with my Super 90."


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the case is currently under investigation and cops are hoping to speak with Charlie about the situation ASAP.

A source close to the actor wouldn't go into detail ... but told us, "The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money."

We reached out to Charlie for comment -- but no luck.



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Charlie Sheen has always been crazy, this is nothing new. To borrow from Bill Maher, Don't blame Charlie Sheen for being Charlie Sheen.

651 days ago


Ok if i he was looking for money why would he go to the cops? All the cops will do is investigate and take him to court on criminal charges. After everything Charlie has pulled this wouldn't surprise me.

651 days ago


Charlie Sheen and Iranian president Ahmadinejah come from the same mother!

651 days ago


funny part is if he does have a super 90 configured like that then its illegal in cali... can't have a pistol grip on a semi auto...

651 days ago


Blow their head off? C'mon Charlie...where's the Tiger Blood. Don't you think " I'll gut him like a Deer then roll around in his entrails" would be more appropriate?

651 days ago


Blow his head off? Where;'s the Tiger Blood dude?
Didn't you mean to say " I'll gut him like a Deer then bang two prostitutes in a pile of his entrails"

651 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If you're gonna make a death threat, make sure to mention an AA-12. They'll more likely to isht their pants with an "AA-12" than with a "Super 90".

651 days ago


well seeing how this guy is a cop hes already dirty...we already know who the true criminals are here...last time i checked cops arent saving anybody there just giving out speeding tickets which is so hypocritical because thats all they do is speed themselfs an they wonder why most people dont respect them...granted charlie is crazy,but this is america last time i checked we can do as we please we pay enough taxes especially towards cops an u can say whatever u want its nobodys business but the lords.. nuff said! i respect he was in the military but we all know the govenment uses us as well just look at how much federal tax they take out ur check its out of line.. bye bye now your opinions are not up for debate like i said this is america,love it or leave it..

651 days ago


Wouldn't surprise me if he said that. He's been out of control for some time now. He will self destruct, give him time.

651 days ago


Wouldn't surprise me, he's been out of control for some time now. He will self destruct, give him time.

651 days ago


Use it on yourself !! your just prolonging your miserable life anyway dip**** !!!

651 days ago

great granny    

Charley we dont trust the ex-con. Hes trying to shake you down. Stay strong and for crying out loud, stop using drugs. They mess with your mind. We HAD a friend who wouldnt stop using drugs, he died early. You have a lot of years let if you try. Been a fan a long time.

651 days ago


I'm just venting, but reporting on a "semi-automatic shotgun" would be like reporting that Amanda Bynes ran "V8 BMW" into another car. "Semi-auto" describes the mechanics of the firearm and is irrelevant to the story, just as the mechanics of the vehicle Amanda Bynes rams into someone else's car is irrelevant (and is never reported).

651 days ago

Brian Workman    

, "The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money"! Charlie should be afraid of the accuser!?!?!??
Case Closed Move On!! PS: I want one of those Super 900 equalizers!

651 days ago


He always did have that Ted Bundy look out of his eyes.

651 days ago
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